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HURT. - July 23

what is a missed abortion?


delana - March 12

It is when the fetus dies in side, before you have a miscarriage. Doctor diagnoses that you will have a miscarriage


Marsh - April 25

You may have to have a D&C to get rid of it before it causes an infection.


Dusty - July 23

I just talked to my doc about that and it's when the fetus dies, and your cervix won't open in order to release everything. This would require a d&c


Jamie - July 23

Judging from your name, Hurt, you are currently or may be going through this. I just wanted to let you know I am sorry if this is the case. It doesn't matter whether a child is born or not to still feel the pain of its loss. Just take a little comfort in knowing that this is God's way of taking care of an unhealthy baby that wouldn't have been able to survive life outside the womb. I hope everything works out for you in the future. Just remember you are not alone!


Crystal - February 19

i had a missed abortion. the same weekend i went to the doctor, i went home and then i had my abortion on my own. it came out on its own. and i went to the doctor the next day and everything came out. i was suppose to be 14 weeks pregnant and it showed the baby only developed to 5 weeks and 4 days. but i am now 8 weeks pregnant and praying everything goes ok with this pregnancy.


stephanie - February 21

I had a very similar thing but I did'nt know that this is what it was called. It was 2 years ago when I saw the Dr. for the 1st time. A few days l8r to do the u/s. I saw the baby but the lady stayed on me 4ever. When I went in to see the Dr. he said that it just stopped growing @ 6 1/2 wks. I should have been 10 wks + 1 day. He said I had the option of staying home to start alot of pain when it decides to come out or he could schedule the D&C (Dusting & Cleaning). I went home and decided to call him for the D&C. It is very hard to make this decision because even though you could not give birth to it you are still very much attached. Stephanie


moriah - March 30

well from what i understand i'm going through this right know. the baby was supposed to be 14weeks and i went ot my doctor got an ultrasound and found out it died at 6-8weeks and i had no signs that it had well right know i've been bleeding alot for a week and had a ton of blood clots but no tissue or "baby" has coem out it's been a weekand 3days since the bleedingan stuff started and yesterday they tried inducing it but it didn't work if anyone has any info to help me please w/b thanks


Melissa - March 30

How common are missed abortions? I have read that they are not very common but it happened to my friend 2 times in a row. Turns out that her body was rejecting the fetus but I was just wondering how common this might be. Can anyone tell me if you would still have any pregnancy symptoms if you had a missed abortion? My heart goes out to all of you who have had to go through this. May everything work out for you from this point forward.


jessica - March 31

my gf had 4- seemed like her body would not expell the miscarriage naturally - ranging from 8 weeks to 14.....seems more common than most think......my heart goes out to you......


Stephanie - March 31

I wrote above and again I know what you're going through! I wish I could cuddle you to comfort you right now! If everything does not expell on its own then it can lead to infections which is why I went for the D&C. I just wanted to get it over with! Ya know what I mean?? Those clots could be the "tissues" that you are referring to since the baby was to little to see with the naked eye. Its probably a good thing bc you would'nt want to go through all this just for the Dr. to tell you that he would still need to proceed with the D&C. Let me know how things go I eally wish you the best! Steph


sabina - June 16

I just found out at my 17 week checkup that the fetus has no heartbeat anymore and died at 16 weeks. I had no clue, although looking back to the few days leading up to my checkup I did notice my apet_te decreasing significantly and feeling "not pregnant" anymore. I had a d&c yesterday and although physically I'm doing well emotionally I can't stop thinking about what has happened to me I'm still in shock


erica - June 17

sabina, did the doctors give a reason why it happened.


Tammee - June 17

Sabina, I am sorry for your loss. I went through the same last Feb. and it still hurts to think about. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take time to heal and then try again. Things always happen for a reason even though we never know why. Hang in there.


Sabina - June 18

thank you for your prayers. The doctor did not give any specific reason. But I have been doing alot of research on my own b/c this is such an uncommon occurrence where the fetus in the 2nd trimester dies without any warning signs or symptoms. Missed miscarriages in the 2nd trimester are usually due to maternal problems such as infections, immune disorders(lupus, etc.), chronic conditions like diabetes, I believe I have an immune system disorder even though I haven't been diagnosed. My body was somehow rejecting the baby as foreign antigen.


juvencia - October 26

i was 6weeks pregnant when the dr. told me there was no hurt beat. i was scared and confused since i had never gone through anything similer. when the dr. told me about this i wanted to run and not have my child taken out of me because i couldn't beleive it. i was 2 1/2 months pregnant and this couldn't be happening to me. the next day i was referred to specialist and he explanned everything to me. he said that my body rejected the baby and for this reason there was no heartbeat. i was given the opcion to wait fot it come out or have a d&c i preferred the d&c. the first month and ahalf i still felt bad meaning i cried for no reason, felt hopeless, etc. but then i looked around and realized i had 3 children waiting for me and that i should thank God for them and that he does these things for a reason only he knows.


Valerie - October 26

I was told Thursday that my Baby had no heart beat, I was suposed to be 10 weeks along, but they said the baby died at 7 weeks. I had the D&C Friday morning. I'm doing pretty good considering. I think I'm still in shock and feeling numb. I've been keeping busy and focusing on the future, it's been helping. My son has been a great reminder of all the good in my life. The doc said there was no particular reason for the missed abortion. About 15-25% of all healthy women will miscarry within the 1st 13 weeks. I think it helps to realize there are a lot of women out there dealing with the same thing. It will take a while to heal, but I know will definitely try again. Ladies, keep your hopes up and stay positive, it's a rough road now but it will smooth out, just have faith. Take care.



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