Mornig Sickness

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sarahbaby11 - May 3

i was very sick all day everyday till about the 6th month with my first. i am pregnant again 5weeks3days. i am not having any morning sickness but i am exhuasted. i seem to crash at 2pm everyday. i can barely keep my eyes open. should i be worried i have no sickness or is it normal to be sick with one pregnancy and not with the other. also if this happened to you were the babies the same s_x.


olivia - May 3

I am in the exact same situation. My first was a girl with all the sickness. Maybe this is a boy??? Good luck!


olivia - May 3

I am 8 weeks and 3 days... seems like I would have it by now. WIth my daughter it started at 6 weeks. I still have nausea now, but with my first I was throwing up 4-8 times a day and lost 10 lbs in my first trimester.


olivia - May 3

but for sarahbaby11, it could (unfortunately) be that it is just too early. Did you have a boy or girl with your first?


sarahbaby11 - May 3

my first was a girl


Perl - May 4

Don't worry. I've heard that each pregnancy is different. Some women don't feel morning sickness at all during a pregnancy. Also, my morning sickness didn't even begin until the end of my 6th week so yours may come soon too. Be thankful if you don't get it at all but don't worry.


Erynn21 - May 4

I'm one of the ones that had no morning sickness and ppl said oh it must be a boy, but it is definitely a little girl. I had a few nauseated moments, but I was never sick, it just varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. I was really freaked that I would be sick all the time as my mom and grandma both were, but I sailed through. My family also told me all different times that it would hit and it never did. P.S I was also really tired all I wanted to do was sleep and sleep some more.


jolou - May 7

When did people's m/s hit? A few people seem to be saying around 6 weeks, is this the most common time for it to kick in if you are going to be throwing up all the time? I know every pregnancy is different, just trying to prepare for what's ahead of me! I took a positive test this morning, and I am about 3 weeks, give or take a couple of days. So far I feel fine, just exhausted.



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