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Heidi - February 28

Does anyone feel completely exhausted with their m/s? I have constant nausea but I never actually throw up. It doesn't get to that extreme. I also wondered if I had the flu because that's exactly what it feels like for the last week. Everyone at work has it of course too. I've been totally run down and sometimes get a headache with it and I'm in bed by 7:30 some nights and all I do at work is sit behind a desk so it's not like I'm really getting a workout. Just doing the dishes on the weekend totally wiped me out. This is my first pregnancy and I'm at 6.5 weeks. Now today I woke up feeling good for the first time in the last week and a half when this all started. I'm praying it stays like this as I'm so fed up with laying on the couch every night and all weekend. I used to be so active but now I look like death! I get bags under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get and then by the time I get off work at three I'm just beat and ready for bed! Is this normal??? I don't have dizziness or frequent urination. Basically just tired, nauseated and my br___ts are always tender. I just have no energy and we're in the process of packing to move. After packing three boxes yesterday I felt like I was run over by a truck. Ha ha!


Lilu - March 1

Thats all normal. I have the same thing with my MS. It's making me miserable. I found that I tend to get more nausuated when my belly gets empty. I've lost weight due to not having much of an appet_te and then when I do eat, I get full so fast. I'm in my 12th week.


Amora - March 1

I am feeling so so sick , especially today ! I got fever plus to nausia and headache. Feels awful and not sure WHAT to do ! By the way I am 8,5 weeks...


Angie - March 1

I'm weeks 2 days and I feel exactly as you described. The walk to work from my car to my desk has me panting. I think instead of taking the stairs i have to take the elvator. Whoever said being pregnant was fun, because to me, this sucks! All I can say is you got to really want to have a baby to want to go through this.


Kelly - March 2

Heidi, When I read your morning sickness sypmtoms, it sounded like you were describing exactly what I'm feeling everyday too!! I am just over 7 weeks and have had constant nausea for the last 3 weeks. I am also very tired all the time and pretty emotional too. I am pretty sure all this is very normal, but I have to admit, it will be WONDERFUL once the nausea goes away.


Heidi - March 2

Kelly - It's disappointing because sometimes I'll feel like my old self and I'll try to get stuff done while I feel good and then within an hour or so I get drained again. Just sitting in my house makes me ill some days! I wish it were spring and I could at least get outside and work around the yard and get some fresh air. Sitting in the stuffy house makes it worse and it's bitter cold right now where I live so no fresh air for me! Going to the store just about makes me gag too. Ha ha! I know, it'll pa__s....I hope. My friend said she was six for 5 months. My sister had bouts of m/s her whole 9 months. Yuck!



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