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austynsmommy - May 21

I have morning sickness. I cant keep anything down. Is there anything that is safe to take? I go to the doctor on june 5th. I dont think I can make it until then. I cant even keep fluids down.


mjvdec01 - May 21

If you can't keep anything down then you need to call the OB. There are medications they can prescirbe that will definitely help and allow you to eat and drink without puking it up. They are completely safe for the baby as well. It is actually more concerning for you to be vomiting everything up. Since it is after hours, either wait to call until morning, or have the on call OB paged. There are 24 hour pharmacies that you can go to. Make sure you have a phone number for one before you page the OB. Actually, if I were you I would call now, you are probably already dehydrated. Get some help and let me know how you are doing.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 22

try preggo pops.. or preggie pops or whatever they are called... you can get them at babies r us or any maternity store.. like motherhood maternity. I havent tried them because I didnt have m/s very bad but I have heard gret things about them "curing" morning sickness. HOWEVER like mjvdec01 said you should see a doc if you cant keep anything down or you will get dehydrated and/or lose a lot of nutrients that you and baby need. good luck hon!


austynsmommy - May 22

I went to the doctor today and they gave me some meds. They are also checking my levels to make sure They are doing good.


mjvdec01 - May 23

I am so glad you got something. Let me know how you are doing.


HeavenisMine - May 23

Welcome to the club :( My morning sickness has gotten worse from day one. I wonder when it actually starts to get better?? I am taking promethazine though. Hope whatever you're taking is helping you now.


mcbee - May 23

Just so you know, the preggie pops are pretty good. However, if you're already feeling sick, they don't do anything. You kind of have to anticipate when you think you'll get sick (for example, 8:30 a.m. seems to be my magic time) and then eat one - they keep m/s at bay.


epigg - May 24

I am almost six weeks with my second baby, and I too am feeling sick . With my first baby, I threw up every day from about six weeks to about twenty weeks. So, I feel for you! Preggie pops seemed to give me only a few minutes of relief. When it gets as bad as yours sound, medicine is really the only cure. I was able to avoid that because I could keep food down during the day, but threw up several times in the evening. Just remember, it is horroble now, but so worth it in the end! Encourage, or insisit, that your husband help you and pamper you while your are feeling lousy! Afterall, we papmer them when they are sick! My husband used to turn the TV up when I was in the bathroom getting sick so that he couldn't hear me. He has a weak stomach and was known to nearly lose his lunch just hearing me! Poor guy! Anyway, hang in there! Also, sipping ginger ale was sometimes helpful also.


cherylc - May 24

I know this is going to sound crazy but I WISH I had m/s.... even just a little bit. I had it HORRIBLE with my 2 dd's, and I don't have it at all, well the ODD time I feel a littel queezy, that's it. It has me SOOOOOOOO worried!!! I do hope the meds are helping though. I was on Diclectin with both my girls.... it's a magic pill =)


Bilmes123 - May 25

I am one of those lucky women who never had morning sickness but when it came to eating I always felt sick after. Just no puking. I wouldn't take any thing for it....who knows there might be side effects to the baby or any thing.


austynsmommy - May 25

My doctor said it is safe. I dont think she would prescribe anything if it was not safe. I am only taking it because I cant keep anything down including fluids. I dont want to get dehydrated.



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