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shelze - December 22

Hello ladies! Anyone else out these dealing with BAD morning sickness, or should I say ALL day sickness??? I am 7 weeks 2 days and it has kicked in big time. I feel nauseous all day long and I cant seem to find anything to make me feel better. Anyone dealing with the same thing and if so anyone have any tricks to make it go away???? It is kicking my butt!!!!


HeavenisMine - December 22

I dealt with all day sickness, by 8 weeks on it was just off and on, a real pain in the b___t. There is not a lot you can do except try eating small spaced out meals, and try drinking fizzy drinks like sprite, 7up or ginger ale, they always helped me. I also ate graham crackers. Not much was appealing to me in my first trimester either, but usually it gets better as time goes on. You have my sympathies for that. I also tried lots of relaxation techniques, like soft music, sound effects and pampering myself. It sounds selfish but really it did help. I just reminded myself I was pregnant and needed to go easy on myself. Try getting some movies and curling up with those little snacks, you may forget you feel ill for awhile. I hope it helps! Oh and a little advice, I'd try and avoid mints, I mean they might not be harsh on you, I don't know, but someone told me to try sucking on mints, I did, and got severe diarrhea and more queasiness, that sucked:) Oh well, good luck, don't worry it will zip by, I promise. I just had my girl last month and she is growing too quickly!


anamariaflorencia - December 22

Hi shel, I'm only 5w4d's pregnant and the nausea is starting already. The past three nights it's been there but light but tonight I think something might actually come up. I have no idea as this is my first pregnancy but how about trying some fresh air and a brisk walk? I may try that myself. I just don't know if I'll be able to deal with this for so many more weeks. I hope you're feeling better.


anamariaflorencia - December 22

Well, I didn't quite make it to the brisk walk. Immediately after hitting send on this post I had my first official pregnancy puke. Shel, do you feel better after you do the deed? I think I'm feeling a little better. Don't know how long it will last though. Also, make sure there are no unpleasant smells in your house, for me it was pasta sauce that sent me hurling this time. Good luck to you and I really hope your sickness subsides soon!


shelze - December 22

Anamaria- Sorry to hear it hit you so quickly!!! Yes, I do feel better for a bit but it returns pretty quickly. It is just an overall gross feeling!!! I do think that fresh air helps a bit but it does not help me much in the middle of the night, I am a chicken- I dont like to go to my bas____nt let alone outside- LOL. Where are your from??? I live in NJ. Well, hope you are feeling better soon!!


sashasmama - December 23

I'm in the same boat, only mine kicked in about 10 days post ovulation, that's how I knew I was prego. I'm 11 weeks now and it's still here. I'm not throwing up, just terribly nauseaus all day and all night, I can't even sleep at night because of it. Sparkling water helped me a lot, and pretzels, everything else just made me sick.


cynthia3 - December 23

Sucking on lemon wedges has helped me when nothing else does. Also you can take a vitamin B6 supplement daily. Some people report ginger tea being a help, but I can't stomach it.


anamariaflorencia - December 24

I do feel at least a little gross pretty much all day, but the last two days I've noticed that it gets worse after I take my prenatal vitamin (I even have one that is supposed to help with morning sickness- has B6). I have been taking mine in the evenings after dinner and both times I've offered my dinner to the porcelain god. So sorry Sasha's mom that you've been dealing with it for that long. I guess that makes me feel that I have some company at least. I was feeling very alone when I read it's not supposed to kick in until week 7 or 8. I pray everyone is able to enjoy a nauseas free Christmas eve and day.


dlove11 - December 25

shelze:: try green apples they have helped alot for me..i believe all sour fuits's, green grapes..hope its gets better soon hun


bOsSy415 - December 26

hey shelze i know what you mean when you say all day sickness. usually what helps me out is to eat a few saltines but not too many and i drink some 7up. or i try to get a good night sleep. i usually drink milk and eat something and it will sort of go away... and green apples are the trick for me sometimes too ;) goodluck.



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