Morning Sickness Cures

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sammykjo - February 9

I'm about 9 weeks and for the last week I have been battling pretty much constant morning sickness. I talked to my doctor about it and she prescribed me Phenergan. I haven't tried it yet, as she said it would make me sleepy, so I was waiting for the weekend to try it. Has anyone tried this? How did it work for you? I was also wondering if anyone has tried the Morning Well CD that is advertised on this site? It really sounds too good to be true. I need some testimonials other than the ones on the site before I sh__l out $35. Thanks!


excited2bemama - February 9

I have Pheregan at home too b/c I had horrible ms till about 16 weeks. Anyways It did make me very sleepy . I always took it at night and then even the next day I felt still tired and drugged- it also made me constipated..... But if you a e having alot of nausea at night-it helps to knock you out so you forget about it. I had Reglan, Pheregan and Zofran. Zofran is the best but its super expensive. Try getting Preggie pop drops too. ( you can find them on the internet)They are hard candy - even now at 23 weeks pregnant I often have to suck on one when I get nauseus- usually in the car or when I am hungry. good luck. It does get better. I still throw up every am- but I don't have all day sickness anymore.


sammykjo - February 9

Aside from making you tired, did the Pheregan help with the nauseousness? I'll look into the preggie pop drops. Thanks


Bellas Mom - February 9

Hey Sammy. I've only thrown up once so far but have been feeling nauseas ALL DAY long. If I don't eat, I get more sick. If I eat, I get sick from whatever I ate. But it's just sickness and feeling like I would throw up, mouth watering and hot flashes and all. Anyway, all this to say that I got that bracelet, from biobands, that put pressure on the accupressure point P6 on your wrist. There have been many studies on it and it's been proven to get you feeling better. Does it work? Well, MOST of the time I feel so much better within 10 minutes, and sometimes I still get sick even using it, but it's not to the same degree, it's a much lighter sickness. I've heard it doesn't help every single person out there, but it's worth a try, that's why I got it. There are no drugs involved so there are no side effects, so maybe it's something you might want to consider before popping in the pills for this. On the other hand, if you are throwing up so much a day you have trouble gaining weight and keeping hydrated, like I've seen some women go through, then maybe it's best that you take medication for it.


sammykjo - February 9

Bellas Mom...I ran out at lunch to pick up my prescription, and those wrist bands. I have them on, and not sure if I feel anything yet, but I'll see what happens. I agree, I'd rather do something non-drug related. Thanks for the advice!


Bellas Mom - February 9

Very smart, prescription AND the wrist band!! :-) I seriously hope it will help you, you can read up on the studies on it, you'll see, majority of the time it works but there's always that possibilty that yours is little more severe and medically related (but so is the nauseousness of chemo patients, and they wear this band to minimize it) But if it doesn't work for you, then at least you'll have the meds on hand :-) It never hurts to try.... Congrats and keep us posted....


lolita - February 10

Have you tried unisom( regular kind not extra strength) and vitamin B6. My doctor said it is really safe to take. I was so sick I couldn't go to work for a month, I started taking it, and it takes a couple days to start working by the way, and it helped me so much.


excited2bemama - February 10

Yes- It helped with the nausea. :o). I used the wrist bands too but they didn't help me at all.....


moescrilla - February 10

well, if you take a prenatal vitamin, DONT TAKE IT on an empty stomach, and its actually better to take it at night after a meal just in case. (they say the morning is when your hormones are the worst, and the vitamins dont mix too well with them) also, dont get too hungry (that often makes me nauseus) I think the phenergan works great (i dont take it for m/s though, I've taken it before when I had stomach viruses and a couple times with my last pregnancy) If I had to take it at work, I'd only take a half of a 12.5 mg tablet. If I took the whole thing, I'd be knocked out on the floor asleep. LOL.


heather28 - February 11

I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow, and I feel horrible. I have gotten sick twice today so far. I can't even eat crackers. The Bioband is obviously not working b/c the one day I have it on I get sick twice. I also got the preggie pop drops, and that's not working either. I think I'm going to starve. I am having trouble eating and drinking. Applesauce who gets sick from Applesauce? Me that's who. :(


sammykjo - February 12

Well I wore my wrist bands all evening Friday and I think they may have helped. However, I was fine Saturday and more nausea. I'm basically okay today too. So perhaps I was just getting over it. Today I'm extremely tired again. But I'll certainly take that over nausea! I hope it doesn't come back.



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