Morning Sickness From Brushing Teeth Got Solutions

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Maybaby - October 15

I'm 7 weeks pregnant with #2 and struggling with morning sickness. It seems I now can't brush my teeth without having to throw up as well. Has anyone got any special tricks? Even gargling makes me gag.


Happymommy - October 15

I had the same thing especially in my first tri. I was sick in the evenings mostly, so I would brush my teeth good in the mornings and afternoon, and at night I rinsed really good with a pro-health mouthwash. That was my dentist's suggestion, and it worked pretty well for me. Good luck!


gabby509 - October 15

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I'm having the same exact problem. I have resorted to using the little things that you slip on your finger and then brush with that. There is no tooth paste, it just helps a little better than mouthwash. They are made by Oral B, the name is Brush ups. Good Luck!


cynnababy - October 15

I had the exact same problem when i was in my first tri, I threw up everytime i put a tooth brush in my mouth. This went on for about 2 weeks straight!! I tried not to floss and brush teeth in one round. I would floss first, then wait for another 15-30 min before i brush my teeth. I tried to talk or hum a song when i brush my teeth too. Good luck!!


staci - October 15

I still struggle with this problem and I am 35wks ;) My trick is to spit often and keep rinsing the back of my tooth brush off because the foam lingers there. If I have any foam in my mouth I gag leaving my stomach upset and sometimes throw up. So trick is to keep the foam out of your mouth and to not go to far back if you brush your tongue.


tish212 - October 15

I had to switch toothpastes several times ... then I would have to brush in stages...first the front teeth...wait for the nausea to go away..then my back teeth...but I had to skip brushing my tongue that I couldn't handle...but once I hit 3 and a half months about 14 weeks it finally hope it gets better


ma1008 - October 16

i agree the tounge brushing thing is the worst for me... can't stand it. i actually dread brushin my teeth now cause i know its gonna make me gag on good days and throw up on bad ones.


Maybaby - October 20

Thanks for your suggestions. I'm using a mouth rinse (Colgate Plax) now and brush my teeth without toothpaste right afterwards and that seems to work. My mouth feels clean and I haven't thrown up since.


anfmom - October 20

I was talking to some girls at the dr about this the other day. One said use kids toothpaste b/c its not as foamy. Dont brush your tounge and if it comes down to it do go to far back on your teeth and use a mouthwash. I have the SAME problem every morning! Night time isnt as bad!


Seredetia - October 24

This sounds odd, but when I was pregnant with my daughter I would not look in the mirror. For some reason, it was the actual MOTION of brushing that gagged me. lol. Try it at least. ;)



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