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M. - August 31

I am eight weeks preg. and have been experiencing severe nausea for the past two weeks. It is difficult for me to function and I find little relief in anything except for sleep. My doctor prescribed Phenergan but it made me more nauseous. Does anyone know what I can do????


Kim - August 27

I feel your pain honey!! I am 11-12 weeks and am constantly sick. Phenergan made me more sick, then my doc tried Zofran, which didn't really hepl me, but that's not to say it won't help you. Ask your doc to see what he says. Mine ended up putting me in the hospital for 3 days and hooking me up to an I.V. He's also trying Reglan now before meals and at bedtime but to tell you the truth, that's not helping me either. Everyone is different and they say it should go away by the end of the first trimester, so we'll see. But i'd ask your doc about what else you can do. Food wise, the only thing that helps me (and only temporarily) is pickles! (believe it or not!) Try eating little meals all day; sometimes I find I'm sick just because I haven't eaten. Good luck!!


kellie - August 30

I totally feel your Pain my dear I have had it with every one of my girls the only one i did not get sick with at all was my boy. I am currently preg again 7 months and i am batteling it still. call your doc and see if he can pescribe Zofran 8mg for you it works for me sometimes...i will tell you it is expensive it cost 266.99 here in florida for 8 pills but if you have good health insurance they should cover it for you....if that one does not work there is a slew of other drugs out there that they can use for nausa some people (like me) the drugs just dont work I wish you the best and hope that you make it threw.


April - August 31

Try soda crackers. They calm your stomache. If that doesnt work I was told by my doctor to take Gaviscon.. he cinfirmed that it is ok to take. Also gets rid of gas ladies ;)


Marlene - August 31

Thanx alot for all of your suggestions. I tried Zofran 4mg and it was not effective at all. I will continue to hang in there. Your support is encouraging.


Nickelle - September 30

Keep soda crackers by your bed. Eat a few of them or a slice of bread before you get up. Get out of bed slowly. Sudden movements could cause you to get dizzy and nauseated. Eat small amounts of food high in protein, such as cheese or peanut b___ter. Stay away from greasy, fried, or spicy foods. Try to eat every 2 to 3 hours even if you are not hungry. Sit straight up after eating. This will keep food from backing up and making you nauseous. Have a snack such as yogurt, milk, bread, dry cereal, or a small sandwich before going to bed. Try eating during the night. This may prevent nausea in the morning. Drink 8 to 10 gla__ses (soda-can sized) of liquid each day. Clear broths, fruit juices, and water are the best choices. You may enjoy herbal teas such as spearmint, peppermint, or chamomile. Drink them slowly and between meals. This will keep you from eating large amounts during meals, which can be a cause of nausea. The smell of some foods may make you feel sick. Stay away from these if possible. Do not brush your teeth right after eating as this can cause nausea. Keep your feet up and your head slightly raised on a pillow when resting. Getting fresh air may help you feel better. Take a short walk or try to sleep with the window open. When you are cooking, open windows to get rid of odors. Don't smoke cigarettes and ask other people not to smoke around you. Do not take medicine or try home remedies without asking your doctor.


Queen - October 9

everyone gets that when they r preg...ujust have2 deal wit it!!


Gail - October 15

Gingersnaps are great for me. Especially since I am so sick of saltines!


E - October 15

I remember too clearly. I couldn't stand the smell of anything and a few nights, my hubby smelled so badly I had to sleep in a different room. His smell (normal as always) was so pungent that it made me sick. Strange and very unpleasant to feel so sick all the time. It will pa__s but you need to ride it out as there is no cure. HUGS!!


Heather - October 15

I am 8 weeks and also very nausious. I can't even look at a menue or recipie card without feeling like I am going to throw up. Perfumes and things like scented candles make it worse for me. I have not actually thrown up, but I feel like it from dawn until dusk. I am besides myself trying to figure out what to do. A few things have been reccomended to me and I guess I'll pa__s them on to you (but of course, clear them with your doctor first): -Take your prenatal vitamin at night with a snack -Drink ice-cold Ginger Ale (I don't normally drink anything but water, especially soda, but I sip Ginger Ale all day long and it has helped me more than anything else) -My doctor reccomended a perscription supposotory that is said to work great (I havn't been brave enough to try it) -Eat Saltine Crackers -Eat very small, frequent meals, low in spice and acids, don't let yourself get too full or be hungry -Peppermint aromatherapy is said to work great for nausia, I just bought some today Well, I hope this helps you and maybe I can get over the nausia too. It really gets in the way of my normal activities.


E - October 15

Oh! Altoid Sours are wonderful for that sick taste in the mouth.


robynn tarbet - October 25

the thing that i found that worked best for me was saltine crackers and ginger ale. Also try eating small meals frequently rather than 3 large meals.


Jodie - October 25

Have you tried preggie pops. I see the add in the epregnancy magazine. They are supposed to be pretty affective. Good luck!


W - October 26

I am 7 and half weeks & cannot keep anything down except coke and chocolate, i have these so my sugar levels are not down and also so I dont feel weak. \it is a horrible experince right from morning until I go to sleep. i cant do anything because of this, the last time I remember me being sick is coming from a night out from down and being rather drunk and gave up the goin out palave one yr ago and was hoping would never go thru this sickness again but boy it's all haunting me again!!! I wonder if you lose weight from this!!!! lol! Good luck!


Mel - October 26

Whew, glad there are others going through this... I just hit the middle of my seventh week, and the morning sickness as hit me like a brick! One day, I was good... the next... very nauseous. I'm trying the Ginger Ale and the saltines, that seems to be helping... another key for those interested... my doc told me to try eating Apples. There is something in them that is good for sour stomachs. Go figure! I've also been told not to drink alot while eating... its starting to make since. Good luck to everyone.


E - October 26

Eat whatever you can keep down, even if its coke and chocolate. Its better than nothing. I lost weight my 1st trimester and have heard of other women doing the same. I don't think the 1st trimester is the time to gain anyhow. On the positive side, this will pa__s. I was so sick and fatigue was a big problem but it pa__sed at about 12 weeks.


E - October 26

Oh, I want to tell you about a great and simple thing to keep down. Yogurt and cheerios. I lived on homemade yogurt smoothies for three months and they are chock full of protein. I used frozen berries, vanilla yogurt, and some OJ. I would sip it with a straw and I actually felt nourished from it and less ill. The cheerios with skim were easy to digest also.



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