Morning Sickness Help And Oct 2009 Moms

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encantare - January 25

I'm in my first trimester, just over 4 weeks and I've been sick for well over a week. I've had three miscarriages and have never been this sick, and it's supposed to be a good sign. But I also have fibromyalgia and I'm miserable. It's not just morning sickness, I'm finding I'm feeling more ill during the night...with great upset to my sleep pattern. I've read all the books and suggestions. I'm just wondering if anyone has things they've tried?


sarah21 - January 25

For me I just had to make sure I kept eating something throughout the day with my first pregnancy whether it sounded good or not. Also when something did sound good I had to made sure I acted on it quickly because in 5 minutes it wouldn't sound good anymore and I'd be hungry and when I was hungry the nausea was even worse. You can try taking some ginger root, it can really help. Also talk to your Dr. about B6 supplements either in shot or cream form, they help a lot of women. I haven't had any morning sickness yet (knock on wood) with this pregnancy but as soon as I start getting it I am going to try the B6. Also you can get phenergen suppositories or pills from your Dr. and they will help you sleep and take care of the nausea. Congrats!


austynsmommy - January 25

I just had my son and when I was pregnant with him I had to get phenergan. I had morning and night sickness. Congrats on your pregnancy.


tryingx3 - January 26

My sickness is at night too - I was told by OB that I could take up to 400mg of B6 in additon to my really seems to be helping.


encantare - January 27

My doctor put me on Ondansetron yesterday. It's really helping (since nothing else did). I'm supposed to be about 4.5 weeks but they couldn't see a gestational sac on the ultrasound yesterday. I'm being watched ultra carefully now. It's so scary, especially after the losses. Would be due in Oct. if everything works out. Thanks for all your help ladies-wishing you safe and healthy pregnancies!


bernadetteoc - January 28

Encantare, I'm so sorry you're going through a scary time. I was on the same meds for my first two babies and they are perfectly healthy. I was always told that having sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy (not that it's comforting in the least). 4.5 weeks is so early, especially considering that you might have ovulated later than you think you did. With my second I went in too early and they couldn't see anything and went in a few weeks later to see a healthy baby and heartbeat. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know when you hear anything. *hugs*


encantare - January 29

The doc called and all the levels are great! Such good news for us. I'm still sick, but doing better on meds...just have more hope and joy now. Thanks for all your help!!


Renee-Marie - January 29

Sorry to hear you are so sick. like tryingx3, my doctor prescribed a B6 cream that is compounded at the pharmacy. You rub in on the insides of your forearms (since your blood vessels are so close to the surface) and its supposed to help with the ill feelings. I tried it and I can't say that it didn't work. I was not sold on the theory, but I really think it did help. Speak to your doctor about it. If you can't eat, thats ok. Just be sure you are drinking enough calories. Milk, Juice, tea, whatever you want. The baby needs calories and hydration. If you loose a few lbs in the beginning that's OK. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!


Dicegirl15 - January 30

I don't anything about morning sickness because I just found out last night, January 29, 2009, that I am expecting. I am responding to this because I am going to be an October mom! It should be very early October!


encantare - January 31

Welcome Dicegirl! I am due around Oct. 5th...I may open a new thread for Oct. Moms...but congratulations! Looks like we'll be on the journey together!


Dicegirl15 - February 2

Thank you encantare! I haven't been to the doctors yet, but I should be due according to my friend and something I found online, around October 1 or 2! Good luck to you!


Bumblebee - February 2

I am also very early in the game, at about 5 weeks... and still need to get an u/s in a week. Am so anxious!! Esp, because the few light symptoms of upset stomach has lessened. That makes me a bit nervous although I have read other posts where it has been ok for others. I have been drinking the Yogi tea Mother-to-be daily and don't know if that is helping the stomach issues? Hope so, and really hoping for good progress next week. Good wishes to all...


sept2009mom - February 3

im new to the forum and about 7 weeks morning sickness is really making me sick, with no energy and fatigue 24 7. i want these days to pa__s quickly and will try B6 as some of u did. i hope it helps. thanx


emmie083 - February 4

I'm about seven weeks, and I'm due in September. I know how the nausea goes because I've got an underlying stomach emptying disorder. And now I've got the "morning" sickness too, which is kind of a joke for me since I have it all day long and can't get myself to eat hardly anything. I agree that eating actually does make you feel better, but if you get to the point where you just can't eat anything there are antiemetics that are safe to take during pregnancy. I had a kidney infection, mono, and then got pregnant, so I can't afford to lose any weight!! LoL. I hope that you feel better soon.


mrs.haleyberg - February 19

I'm due at the end of October! I just found out today that I'm pregnant! It was quite a shock considering I'm not really having any signs of pregnancy (except for constant urination and moodiness) and I just didn't expect to be pregnant! I woke up this morning with this weird urge to take a test, and to my surprise it read "Pregnant"! I didn't know how to react! I was just trying to find other women that are due in October too. I'm really nervous because my husband is getting deployed in August..So that means I'll be around 6 months pregnant..He's going to miss a lot :(. Not looking forward to that! Anyway! Congrats on your baby! Hope you get to feeling better!


nicola_g - February 19

Hi Im new to this site and am also due on october the 19th absolutley over the moon had a miscarriage last year hope this one is ok. See the midwife next week. Had really tender nipples, tiredness, mild cramps at one time but not now and needing to wee ALOT, lol. But some symptoms have just disappered is everything ok with me still weeing and feel sick al the time especially in the morning but not actually being sick I'm 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant cannit wait until im 12 weeks!! Reply with any answers xx


wunder75 - February 19

I eat all day, too, and have found that Sea Bands (the accupressure wristbands) take the edge off. I'm not throwing up a lot - just constantly on the edge. Has anyone started an Oct. moms thread? I haven't figured out how to open a new thread.



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