Morning Sickness Ladies What Can You Keep Down

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Dia - November 22

Hey ladies! Just thought I would start this thread to help give each other ideas on stuff that might work. I am in my 11th week and have been very ill since my 7th week. In fact, I am back to vomiting again. I can't stand any type of bread, crackers, or meat. I eat fruits and vegetables, but find myself still starving for something more filling, but I gag at the sight of food. Anyone else???


Ashley - November 22

I started getting morning sickness around my 8th week. I am now almost 13 weeks and its slowly tapering off. I could only eat peanut b___ter and jelly sandwhichs for B, L, D....for about 2 weeks....then almost nothing for B, L, and sometimes I could eat D. Now, I can sometimes eat lunch, and most of the time dinner, but I still cant eat just anything. Most meats make me sick, i craves apples and grapes. Cereal helped too, dry honey nut cherios mostly. Sometimes sucking the salt off of pretzels helped me thru the day. But that was the only salt I ate. My Dr. told me to buy pepcid (over the counter stuff) and take on ein the am and one in the pm. it has help a lot. Itr settles my stomach and I am able to eat more than just pb&j! Hope this works and I hope you feel better soon.


Deb - November 22

I am seven weeks and just started having nausea last week. I had my first prenatal appt with my doctor and she prescribed Diclectan (sp?) for morning sickness. You take it at night and it slowly releases. I felt the best this morning than I had in a week!


Tillie - November 22

I know how you feel! I, too, am 11 weeks and have been incredibly sick since week 7. I gag at almost everything; I have to force myself to eat things because NOT eating seems worse. The best thing I've found, I think, is cereal--Total or Cheerios with a little milk in the morning and then right back to bed. Like Ashley, peanut b___ter seems to work for me, too. And watermelon is key! It's definitely the best food I've found in the past five weeks. Have you tried it? The only other thing that doesn't make me sick is cottage cheese--a great addition to a bowl of fruit, since you're able to eat fruit.


Dia - November 22

Good suggestions ladies! I have been slowly eliminating my food options b/c once I throw it up I can't eat it again. All I ate my 7th week was watermelon and I can't eat that anymore. I will have to try cottage cheese. It is like a punishment...I am sooo hungry that I am horribly ill, but the thought of actually eating makes me gag....I hope it goes away soon! I am going to ask my doc for medicine that doesn't make me sleepy. My cousin took Zofran and said it worked great for her. Maybe I will see if I can try that!


nell - November 28

right now i am about 5 weeks and all I want is milk cheese and perhaps ranch... today all I wanted was ranch and mashed potatoes. Then nachos i know i know but mmmm...


Amy - November 29

Im 9 weeks now and i have had morning sickness from about 6 weeks. I have gone off so many foods and just doing simple things like shopping is bad because just lookin at food makes me want to throw up. I went thru a week of just eating bowls of fruit and fibre but now even that makes me feel sick. Its horrible because i have to make food for my other 2 kids and most of the time i throw up at the smell of food cooking. I cant wait till about 12 weeks when it starts to wear off.



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