Morning Sickness Lasted Two Weeks

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kimmmy2004 - January 25

I am very confused as to what my body is doing. I was sick between my 4th and 6th week and now im almost 8 weeks and I havent been sick for almost two weeks. I was just wondering if it has finally passed or if its going to come back with a vengence. I have been feeling fine everyday as if Im not even pregnant. I went and got an ultra sound the other day because I was spotting but we found the baby with a strong heartbeat and the doctor said everything was fine. Just wondering if anyone has experienced sickness symptoms for a very brief moment.


cyclemom - January 26

I am so glad to know I'm not the only one! I am going through the exact same thing. I was really sick for about 2 1/2 weeks, then at about 7 1/2 weeks I started feeling better everyday. I didn't gag, dry heave or anything yesterday! I was so worried b/c I had a miscarraige at 10 weeks a few months ago, but I just got back from the Dr. and he did an ultrasound in the office and there was a strong heartbeat. Yay! So I am going to try to force myself to not worry so much. I am due Sept. 4. When are you due?


kimmmy2004 - January 27

I am due Sept 9 (9/9/09) hahha. I am 8 weeks tomorrow and still feeling normal. I dont even feel pregnant besides my b___bs hurting soo bad haha. But I havent been nauseas or sick for the past 2 weeks. Were just very blessed:)


bernadetteoc - January 27

Your b___bs hurting is still a symptom, everyone is different, so I wouldn't just go by that. We never know how our bodies will react to the pregnancies. As long as you have no cramping or lots of blood, I'd say everything is just fine. I would be very grateful that you weren't sick for too long! It sounds like a huge blessing ot me.


star1 - January 28

huge blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i started feeling sick at 6 to 7 weeks then between 8 and 10 week it was so bad had to stay in bed for nearly the whole time getting up to be sick, felt sick all day every day, i'm now 12 weeks and for last 2 weeks i've been having on off days so am hoping its begining to lift!!!! the other day was sick 8 times! lost about half a stone!! but please do not worry every pregnancy different with my son i was only sick for about 2 weeks, and my mum who had 3 children said it was different with every one when she was pregnant with my brother she was sick spot on 7 days, but when pregnant with me it lasted ages (she's saying its payback that i'm sick now!!!) all the best ladies!


kimmmy2004 - January 28

Same thing happened to my mother. With my two brothers she was not sick at all and with me she was sick the ENTIRE time so that is amazing the difference in pregnancys just because of gender. I am a__suming I am having a boy because I rarely am sick. I got kinda quesy today but I think it was from eating the wrong thing...Im gonna learn the hard way haha. But other than that Ive been great. And yes it is SUCHHH a blessing. Thats one reason why I think I have been feeling so well just from all the prayers I have gotten. So just ask the Lord and he will help you!!:) Good luck to all you ladies, and thanks so much for all your support and comments.


TiffaniM - January 29

I am about 6 weeks now and havent got sick at all, I am just going to chalk it up to good luck and asume I'm not going to get sick! Althought I do feel a bit nausous if I get really hungry


Renee-Marie - January 29

Consider yourself lucky and just go with it! Congratulations and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby!!!!! :-)



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