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1st time mommy to be - December 28

my problem or lack there of is that I'm not experiencing morning sickness at all... I read along the research I've done so far that women who don't experience morning sickness are in more risk for miscarriages. please advise...


hoping4bpf - December 29

I don't know if that is true. I have known many women who did not experience any morning sickness and they have perfectly healthy babies. I am 6w2d right now and have not experienced any. Last night I did get a bit quesy before going to bed but thats it. I would not worry too much just let yuor body do what needs to be done!


1st time mommy to be - December 29

thanks. that's what my mother's been saying but I feel like she tells me things to make me feel better. Coming from a stranger, it's somehow more soothing. thank you. :)


scullywag - February 17

im the same, no morning sickness. i should be around 6 weeks now. but about a week ago i started spotting/bleeding. im going for another ultra sound next week. fingers croos my little jelly bean is still there.


haburkey - February 18

My last pregnancy I found out on Jan 10 i was pregnant and started heavy morning sickness around Feb 5th or so...and trust me, you can have a perfectly healthy baby without morning sickness! I was sick from sunrise to sunset! You are blessed!


Ca__sieSong - February 19

I never had morning sickness with my dd and she is a happy, healthy 4 year old now! I don't believe the lack of morning sickness means anything. Every body reacts differently to pregnancy. Be happy you're feeling well! :-) So far with this pregnancy, no morning sickness for me yet either.


dreamy2433 - February 25

I had a friend who never experienced morning sickness too and she had a happy healthy baby girl. Good Luck this pregnancy:) Also check out the pregnancy and due date boards at chatterscene dot com. Some lovely ladies there offering adice as well.


scullywag - February 25

unfortunately the worst has happened. I went in yesterday and the baby had not grown and there was no more heart beat. Im in the process of M/C. I am scheduled to have a D & C next friday if everything hasnt past.:(


ecstaticmommy - March 2

scully, i am so very sorry that you are going through this. you are in my thoughts. I had a missed miscarriage last July and it was such a trying time for me.


angelmarkie - March 3

You can definitely have a healthy pregnancy and not experience morning sickness. I had it with my first (11 years ago), but did not have it at all with my second (8 years ago) or my current (I'm 31 weeks preggo). Every pregnancy is different. Good luck!


alwaysonthego08 - March 17

Anyone have any advice on easing the morning sickness? I'm sick every hour that I'm awake except about 1-2 hours in the late afternoon. I'm going to be travelling 9 hours tonight by car, and that seems to make things 100 times worse! I'm not quite 6 weeks along so I'm afraid that my sickness will be even worse (acutally throwing up) by the time I come back in a week. Any advice?



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