Morning Sickness Question

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Olivene - December 1

Hi. I am only 4 little weeks pregnant (LMP) and I've been wondering when I can expect morning sickness to kick in, if it will. And when does it usually go away again? Can you help me out with this? Of course, I'm hoping not to have any!


Ashley - December 1

I'm now 8wks. and I haven't gotten it really at all yet. Once in a while if I don't really have anything in my stomach I'll get a little quiesy but that's it. I think I may be one of the lucky ones. They say around 7wks you should be just about full b__wn with the sickness if you're going to get it. But everybody's different.Good Luck and Congratulations.


Kelli - December 1

I thought I was one of the lucky ones yet again with this pregnancy (this being my third), but with my last two and this one- the morning sickness (if you are going to get it and MOST do) will strike right about at 6 weeks----and by the way---i tend to like to call it "all day sickness" :) (i smile but bitterly). Luckily I am now 12 weeks and it is gone --except actually in the morning when my stomach is empty--- and just for a future tip -----even when you can't, EAT. It is why you feel sick--because you are hungry. Good luck.


Dia - December 1

I totally agree with Kelli. I woke up the very first day of my 7th week and began vomiting. I had felt fine up until then - it was like overnight! Mine was extreme and I needed IV's and stuff. I am now right about 13 weeks and it is better, but I am still sick. The key is to eat, and that is soooo hard to do when all food makes you want to throw up. But I feel a trillion times better with a full stomach. Good luck and I hope you don't get it!!


Olivene - December 2

Thank you, ladies. I hope I don't get it too. I'm going to be a a (hopefully) lovely vacation week 10-11.


Deb - December 2

Mine kicked in at about 6 weeks. It was so bad my doctor put me on Diclectin and I am still vomiting in the morning. I do feel much better though on Diclectin!


Deb - December 2

I just found out that Diclectin is only available in Canada, so I guess that is not an option for you US people! It's too bad because it really helps!


clarify - December 2

I read on the internet that people that do't have morning sickness have ahigher possibility of miscarriage because the reason they don't get morning sickness is due to their hormones not being normal and that is what can cause a miscarriage. Is this true? I always take what the internet says with a grain of salt, so I figured I would ask those of you who never had it. Anyone know?


Nita - December 2

I'm in my 11th week now, and was happy when my dr said it would typically start around 7th week and I didn't have any symptoms then. The happiness was shortlived, as starting with 8th week the nausea kicked in! It isn't as bad as some of the other folks here, but I agree with Kelli about the 'all-day sickness' one! Most of the times it seems to be worse when my stomach is empty, so try to eat even if I can't eat! :( Couple of days back was worse, caz i threw up twice in a matter of hrs, my throat was burning and I couldn't even eat. Luckily it was night time, so I slept through it all. But hope no one else goes through that! it's the worst!!


vicky top - December 2

i had mine for 4 weeks but i feel its going now


Kelli - December 2

I think that the only ones who don't get the morning sickness are the strong ones. They seem to just be too busy or too happy to be pregnant or strong stomached or something---because i have had text book pregnancies where the sickness starts at about 6 weeks and ends at about 12 weeks. You know how they say that 1 out of 3 woman don't get the sickness--well i was hopeful for this third time--but i still got it just like with the last two. Anyway--those who don't get nausea aren't likely to miscarry--but very very lucky. and anyway--i had a miscarriage my second pregnanct at 14 weeks, and i was sick right up to the day!!!! so, don't believe everything you read. Your body is usually what tells you what is right and wrong. Good luck--on not getting sick :)


adt - December 2

Well with my first I had none, so was hoping to escape with out any this time. Around 6.5 weeks pregnant i got my first bout of nausea. I've had it come and go. not daily but every other day or so I get nauseated. Not bad so far. Nothing I can't handle... But I am only in my 7th week now so I haven't had it long. I surely hope it doesn't get worse. any body start out like this?


Deb - December 3

I think it just depends on the person. Some get morning sickness and have healthy babies and some don't and have healthy babies. I have had it really bad, and my doctor said it was a good thing, because it meant that my pregnancy was progressing smoothly. That doesn't necessarily mean that those who don't get it will have problems though.


adt - December 3

I asked my ob and he said Morning sickness does not mean unhealthy pregnancy. Some woman just arne't sensitive to it and some are....I didn't have any with my first and had a perfectly healthy baby.


lilly - December 3

I thought I was lucky, at 4 and 5 weeks, NOTHING! I was like yes!!!!! At 6 weeks it kicked in....


Becca D - December 3

Yeah, I am just now 6 weeks and my nausea is starting to kick in full force...all day!! YUCK!! Haven't thrown up yet...but the trend seems to be heading that way!!! Good luck to all and congrats!!



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