Morning Sickness Rant

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Mary - March 16

I feel so miserable, I cannot sleep at night because the m/s wakes me up, I cannot get up in the morning without hugging the toillette religiously for about 1 hour ... then I have to come to work and for the love of spring, I cannot concentrate enough to work! I am sick 24/7 and I am getting no break at all. So I just cry ... because even though I am so happy this is happening because I have a baby growing inside of me, I feel so hopeless, too. I am ending week 7 now ... sorry to rant.


lisa - March 16

i am so sorry ...i am 7 weeks 2 days....i have ms as well i dont know as soon as i am done throwing up i try and eat just hoping it makes it less....and the car rides make it worse.


Julie - March 16

I am with you sister I am 10 weeks and my m/s started at 6 weeks and peaked at 8 weeks. I has been horrible for the past 2 weeks. I am lucky that I am a stay at home mom and don't have to go to work! But I still have trouble keeping my house clean and taking care of my 2 year old. I can't wait till this ends I feel so useless!


Robyn - March 16

Ladies, check your prenatal vitamins! I had the most indredibly bad morning sickness, it was like wake up, throw up, put my shoes on, throw up, get to work, throw up...and so on and so on. I found out it was my vitamins. Did you know some women cant handle the amount of iron thats in the pills? Ask your doc about it and they can prescrib a vitamin for you without iron for your first trimester. But the second Tri, your morning sickness should be gone so you can add the iron in again. Dont rule it to your doc's!


Heidi - March 16

I agreew with Robyn. I told my doc how sick I felt and about that nasty taste in my mouth and she said it was my prenatal pills and to only take them every other day for a while. I feel great today. Make sure you ask your doc!!! My m/s didn't kick in till I started taking my prenatal pills. Yuck!


lisa - March 20

hi mary....i am right with you....i am 8 weeks today and feel terrible. without prenatals. i am a stay at home mom of 3. i can not wait till it comes to and end!!


Tigerphoenix - March 20

You are so not alone. Im about 10 weeks and just started getting sick last week. I have a full time job as a secretary and I can't even do my paperwork. I have spent all weekend in bed. I finally broke down and cried. I feel so horrible. I cant't do anything. Im afraid to go to work in the morning. I really feel bad because I havent left the house or my bedroom and I know my hubby is starting to get upset. I think he is worried about me. Especialy after I lost it and started crying uncontrolably. I keep telling my self that it will go away but not soon enough.


Julie - March 21

I am still waiting almost 11 weeks and still useless! I can't wait until this goes away!


Ginger - March 22

I am only 6 weeks but life is a drag at work. I am continuously looking for food. Everyone asks me why but i can't tell. I used to like home-cooked meals but hate to eat them now. I vomit even i am not full. I look forward for each weekend and think how i am going to hang on for the next few weeks. I wish I am a full time housewife.


Mary - March 22

After spending the rest of last week in bed - missing work and crying like a baby, my doctor gave me Zofran - OMG! I am back at work and feeling normal ... I cry still, but of relief! Just wanted to let you know that there are medicines you can take if your case is extreme like mine. :)



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