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joey - February 20

Hi girls, this is my second pregnancy. First little BOY is now 18months...didn't throw up once when pregnant with him, just had a very few days I was a bit queezy.. Now 7wks 6days pregnancy with #2 and have not held down a single thing for 3 days now, very sick... I know it's apparently an 'old wives tale' that morning sickness means a girl but just out of curiosity, those of you who have had 2 babies (or are pregnant with #2 and know the s_x) did you have 2 different pregnancies morning sickness wise and have boy/girl? I know it's a waiting game, and I don't even mind if I have a girl or antoher boy...but Im pregnant and bored and just felt like asking! Just something for me to think about (other than vomiting) at the moment!


Alex08 - February 20

Hey Joey, thats kindof funny, because all my friends have told me the complete opposite!! They all say that lots of morning sickness is boy and none is a girl. I think you got it right with "old wives tale"... there's a 50/50 chance one way or the other!!


Tasha - February 20

I had a boy and had nausea pretty bad in the begginning, this time, dont know what we are having and wont know until the end, but I dont have near as much nausea as the first. but I have a friend that had no m/s with either and she had a boy and girl, I think our bodies do different things with different babies, also times in our lives...that sort of thing...good luck(:


MissP - February 20

Hi joey, i also thought it was the opposite, my mam had no sickness with me but threw up for 6 months with m younger brother, her second preg. Also, with my first pg which didnt make it but im sure it was a boy, i didnt have any sickness, and with this one im having lots...maybe its something to do with 2nd pregnancies rather than the s_x?? xx


carmendanielle - February 20

Fun thread! I was just talking about this with my friend this morning. My first pregnancy I was not sick for a second. Not even one wave of nausea. It was a girl! Im now 8 weeks along with my second and feel awful! I haven't vomited, but I feel like I could for most of the day! I was started to think maybe this one was a boy. I guess it shows how opposite each woman's pregnancies can be!


joey - February 20

Thanks for replying girls...bit of fun really ;-) A lot of the ''wives tales'' websites say morning sickness= girl....but yes to be honest, who knows what any of it means! All I know is I am sick sick sick! Very tempted to find out s_x this time at 18-20wk scan...are you girls going to find out?


joey - February 20

I had a craving just before for icecream...i thought for sure I'd hold it down because I SO felt like I bought and ate it...and have just thrown it up...this is sooo lovely!!!



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