Morning Sickness Vanishing

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Shae-lynn - December 19

Hi everyone, I am currently just over 9 weeks pregnant. For the past 2 days my morning sickness symptoms have really decreased. I used to have nausea and some vomiting all day long and now nothing really. I am very concerned. My br___ts are still sore. I had an early ultrasound last week that showed a good heartbeat. Did anyone else lose their m/s this early on and have everything go okay?


Brittany - December 19

I posted a thread awhile ago to women who worried about their symptoms fading or having no symptoms at all. The same thing your going through happened to me. Everything is fine, as long as you saw a heartbeat, thats a huge decrease in your chances of miscarrying. I heard my babies heartbeat two weeks ago so we're both in the clear. Don't worry and Happy Holidays!!


Deb - December 19

The exact thing happened to me around 9 - 10 weeks. I got worried at first, but then I researched it and found that between 8 - 10 weeks, your HCG levels peak and then start to decrease. When that happens, the nausea starts to fade. I have my first ultrasound on Wednesday so I haven't heard a heartbeat yet, but I am pretty sure everything is okay because my stomach is getting bigger even though I have lost two pounds from the nausea!


Jen - December 19

This is exactly why I'm checking out the forum today! I am 9 weeks, 2 days pregnant and my usual ALL DAY nausea is greatly decreased today ... sounds like this is normal and we can relax. I also saw a heartbeat two weeks ago.


Shae-lynn - December 20

Hey girls, It's so great to hear from all of you! I feel so much better after reading your posts. My morning sickness is definitely on its way out and as I said before I'm between 9 and 10 weeks. I started mine between the 5th and 6th week. When did you start, Deb and Jen? Anyways, I go for another ultrasound on Friday and I know I won't be satisfied until then! When are your due dates? Mine is July 21.


Deb - December 20

My m/s started at six weeks. I hadn't thrown up in two weeks, and guess what? This morning I barfed up my breakfast. Damn cereal. I am convinced that it is cereal that makes me barf. So, no more cereal for me! I'm due July 12th.


Laura - December 21

Hi Ladies, I am in my 10 week and for 2 days now I have felt alot better! To be able to wake up without feeling sick is great feeling for me. I am due July 21.


ShellyC - December 21

I'm hoping a few more women will respond to this topic because I am going out of my mind with worry!!! Yesterday morning I woke up and my m/s is just gone. I'm 12 wks. today and I'm feeling 98% better which has me freaking out that something is wrong. Please help!


Cheryl - December 22

Hi Shelly i dont believe anything is wrong (but if your worried visit your doc) i am now 14 weeks im also feeling much better than before, had m/s this morning for the first time in over a week, i use to go bout 3 times a day everyday and the past 2 weeks i have been sick twice so i guess it does calm down when u have nearly reached the ending of your first trimester.


me - December 22

It is normal at your stage as everyone else seems to be saying. Unfortunately, I am almost 12 weeks and my nausea is as strong as ever!!! (Smile)


Anissa - December 22

Hi ladies! Well, I will be 10 weeks tomorrow and my morning sickness started when I was 8 weeks. I would wake up every morning, and when my feet hit the floor I had to vomit! Then I would have nausea all day long. For the past 2 days I haven't thrown up and I haven't had any nausea....I have actually felt much better. BUT, I also have a head cold....can't smell or taste anything really well. Maybe that has something to do with it! :o) I can actually taste today, and I have more of an appet_te, so hopefully this just means that my hormone levels are leveling out. Should I be worried?


me - December 23

Is it normal to have your sore b___bs go away then too? I still have my m/s but my b___bs are less sore. What do you think?


Been There - December 23

Yes, it's okay for all symptoms to leave, just as it's okay not to have any at all. It just means your body is adjusting. I only have sore b___sts and I can't wait for that to pa__s. Focus more on the baby's progress and be thankful your body is giving you a break. Congratulations to you all!


me - December 24

thank you guys, have a great holiday!


ashlee - January 13

hi ladies. i am about 7 weeks pregnant. at about 5 and a half weeks i started feeling nauseated and gagged alot but never threw up. then yesterday came. it was the worst day in my life!! i wouldnt stop throwing up. anyhow, today i feel great!! im really worried that something is wrong because i didnt think mornign sickenss could fade from being really bad one day to great the next!!! i did have an ultrasound at 6 weeks (i was supposed to be 7 weeks but they said the baby only looked six weeks) and there was a heartbeat and all that, but i am still extremely worried. i have already had two miscarriages and i couldnt handle losing another baby!!! also my b___st tenderness is fading. has anyone had anything similar??? lost symptoms so early in their pregnancy and had everythign still alright??? please help me. it will be very much appreciated!!! xx


irfana - January 13

hi ladies ! i thought that i was the only one this has happened to...with my 1st pregnancy at 6 weeks i had m/s 24/7 up until the day I had my son. i kid you not! this time around same thing at 6 weeks as scheduled i had morning sickeness 24/7 sight/smell of food would make me throw up. the it stopped all of a sudden at about 8 or 9 weeks. the b___bs heaviness went away as well...of course i panicked when for a blood test all was well...still didn't believe the reports but two weeks ago had an US at 9 weeks and I saw a little tinly heart beating away!!! the m/s is better just first thing in the morning and sometimes at night...but it's way better thank GOD than the last time around!!! everyone is telling me it might be a girl ! let's hope so :)


baby#2inaug - January 13

this exact same thing is happenning to me my b___bs are stiil REALLY sore, sensitive and growing but litterally all of a sudden my m/s vanished just like that i'm a little concerned i am about 10 weeks along and am suppose to be hearing the heartbeat for the first time on our feb 2 appt, also not sceduled for u/s till march 16 i can't wait for either of the things as they will be definate rea__surance. i'm not feeling as pregnant as I use to



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