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grace2 - February 2

Hello all. I'm just begining my 6th week of pregnancy and I have a question/concern. When did everybody start feeling morning sickness? I haven't felt it yet and I was wondering when I might anticipate it starting. I guess it's probably different for everybody but I wondered- when did it start for you? or, are you still waiting for it to begin as well? Thanks ladies!


Allisonc79 - February 3

Mine didn't kick in till my 6th week. It got bad my 7-9th week, better in my 10th and practically non existent now (16 weeks)


Shannon - February 3

with my first baby it didn't hit me until 9 weeks, with this one it started around 6-7 weeks


beccaruth - February 3

I actually got the flu before I even knew I was about my 4th week I guess. And it...never went away. I have good days and I have bad days. I'm in my 7th week now and I still have morning sickness.


angelinakai - February 3

I was closer to 7 weeks when it started, and its not in the morning, its more scattered throughout the day and the worst at night. my friend never even had it and everything is fine with her, so I definitely wouldnt worry about it.


tk07 - February 3

mine started right before i started my 6th week. but i have only had 1 really bad day. most of the time i just randomly don't feel well! i have a lot of food aversions though! i am almost 7 weeks now.


jessicaspatherapist - February 3

i had it bad from the beginning of week 6 through week throwing up just bad nausea all day long. now its completely gone and i'm 15 weeks!


sdillon78 - February 3

I am 7w6d and mine didn't hit until about 5-6 days ago. I was worried as well because with my first I was miserable pretty much all day...on the couch curled up! But now it is more in the evenings and not as bad, just very TIRED and a little nausea! GL to you!


heather28 - February 3

I am 6w5d and I was worried about my lack of morning sickness too. Well it reared it's ugly little head 3 days ago, and it's more like all day. If only I'd kept my mouth shut about it. :) Just enjoy it pizza...I miss pizza. :( Good luck. Now if I could just convince the house cleaning fairy to visit. :)


squished - February 3

I never really had m/s to the point of throwing up. Yes, I would get queasy and some food smells or seeing certain foods would make me sick to my stomach, but no actual throwing up. The uneasiness started about 6-7 weeks. If you are the same way consider yourself VERY lucky as I do. Good luck!


erinsoul - February 3

My 1st pregnancy I felt sick (no throwing up though) from 6-8 weeks with 2 days being really bad. I felt like I had gotten off pretty easy. Now with this one, I am currently 7 weeks and It's been really bad for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Still no throwing up, but really nauseous all day long with the occa__sional gagging threat. Also VERY bloated, it's awful. I'm really hoping this ends soon. It's so hard to be at work all day when I feel like this and no fun at home either.


mommybabyboy21 - February 3

I am 22 weeks pregnant and I never had morning sickness. No smells or anything made me queeze and my dr tell me that me and my baby are doing problems Its rare but some women are blessed with no morning morning sickness or a lack there of is a old wives tale that you are having a boy!!! In my case it was true...hope that helps


Allisonc79 - February 4

I was throwing up almost every day for my 7-9th week. Then in my 10th week which was around Christmas day I remember eating my heart out. Then the nausea would just come and go up till my 14th or so, now I never really feel sick. Just know that if you do get it bad, there is an end and its likely not to last past your 1st trimester. Although sometimes I was worried that it would because I felt so sick. You do get relief though.



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