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luvmybaby1 - September 12

I'm wondering how early everyone felt the baby move for the first time. I am 9 weeks with my second child and I could have swore that I felt a little flutter last night when I was falling asleep. Its too early, right???


sarah21 - September 15

Some people feel movement very early. Being your second it's not completely out of the question but it's not likely. More likely gas but you know your body best. Congratulations and enjoy it! I felt movement first with my baby (first baby) at 18 weeks but I had an anterior placenta.


FlyBear - September 16

I just can't believe that anyone could feel it at 9 weeks. I'm not saying it's not possible. Honestly I don't know if it is or not, but the baby is soooo tiny at that age and it's bones and all haven't even harded any yet so it doesn't really have any flexibility in their limbs yet or anything?! I'm 19 weeks and I still haven't felt anything for sure.


flaca08 - November 11

Hi, im 12 wks pregnant and I also felt the baby move when I was almost 9 wks.this is my 3rd pregnancy and im sure that is the baby moving, I feel it everyday..


Teddyfinch - November 11

i believe she felt the baby. not everyone feels it at the same time and i first felt mine at 12 weeks and this is my first. (of course i'm 39 weeks now, but back then ^^)


starlight_94 - November 12

I am also 9 weeks with my second, and I too feel what I think may be movement. I keep telling myself I am crazy, I havent even been to the dr yet(next Thurs I go at 10 weeks)! I guess I may be able to tell at the u/s if I feel the movement and cofirm it with seeing it at the same time. I dont know if its possible or not, but in a few weeks I will know for sure if I am feeling baby or not. I felt my first move at 13 weeks which everyone told me was to early, but I am positive it was my ds moving. lol, I love that ppl make me sound crazy! All I can say is that if you are really in tune with ur body then you know best! LOL



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