My Quot First Quot Ultrasound Is Today And I M Kind Of Scared

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newlywed0915 - November 9

Hi Ladies! How are you all feeling this morning? I'm not too nauseous today. Here's the thing: my "first "ultrasound is today and I'm scared that they won't see a baby or that the baby won't be alive! I went to the E.R at 6 weeks (3 weeks ago) and was diagnosed with a threatened abortion. They found a tear in between my uterus and the placenta. There was bleeding for a few hours and I was put on bedrest for 3-4 days. They did a va___al and regular ultrasound and saw the gestaional sac, but nothing else, because they said it was too early. They said my hcg levels were normal for how far along it I was measuring and had me come in a few days later to test my blood and make sure the baby was growing. The results came back with my levels at 43,000, and the nurse said I was having a healthy pregnancy. I was relieved. Just last Sunday right after intercourse I bled bright red blood. It wasn't a spot or two... it was enough to cover almost an entire face cloth. I called my ob's office, and the ob on call, but he told me to stay off my feet and no s_x until Second Trimester...thats 4-5 weeks away. The bleeding stopped Sunday night and started again Monday morning after a vomiting session. It came to a stop Tuesday and the brownish spotting came to a stop by Wednesday. Last night I noticed my cm was coming back I took that as a good sign. I haven't been cramping at all or even when I bled, and I've been nauseous all week and my br___ts are still sore. So these are good sings that our baby is still alive and okay, right? I hope so!!!! I guess I'm just freaking out here and need the support of all the pregnant women on here. I think the bleeding happened again because we might have aggravated the tear I had... or have, and I'm wondering is the doc with classify me as High Risk this afternoon. We'll see. Please say a few prayers for me and send your good vibes for today! Thanks so much for all the help and support so far!!!!!!


newlywed0915 - November 9

p.s. the reason why I said "first" ultrasound is because I had one done beforehand at the E.R.,


ceecee_fields - November 9

My prayers are with you


sterlinberlin05 - November 9

I hope all goes well and will be praying for you. Another women on here had the same problem and she also bled after intercorse and the dotor told her just to take it easy and that it did irritate the tear so hopefully that's all that's wrong. Good luck to you two and your little one.


HeatherIsHopeful - November 9

good luck girl.. I am praying for you and your family!! let us know how it goes.. Im sure you'll be just fine. -Heather<3


jennifer_33106 - November 9

Hey there! I just wanted to say that I had a threatened m/c also in the first tri. Any time anything went in there i bled. It was always a bright red too and I had even pa__sed small tissue. I know how you feel. Every appt I went to I was terrified that it would be bad news. But thank God everything is fine and now I am 25 weeks feeling the kicks getting stronger. With me it was unexplained bleeding coming from the bottom of my uterus. At my first u/s I was 6 weeks 1 day and we did we the lil bean. I really hope everything goes well for you and your LO. GL hun.


Sally123 - November 9

I really hope all goes well. My prayers are with you, and please let us know what happens. The fact that you're having symptoms sounds really encourageing. I'll be looking for your next post.


newlywed0915 - November 12

Well ladies, the u/s went great! They did a v____al ultrasound, and we saw the baby! Heartrate is 140, and I was 6 weeks and 6 days actually! Today I'm 7 wks and 2 days. I started getting my symptoms just a day or so after conception. Strange. Anyway, I'm relieved, needless to say! Next appt is December 3. Due date is June 28th! Thanks for your rea__surement and encouragement! It really helped!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 12

Im so glad it went well :) yay!! now you can enjoy your thanksgiving with out worry. Im so happy for you :)


newlywed0915 - November 12

thanks heather!!!Now we're BOTH going to be Juen mommies. ;-)


Sally123 - November 14

That's great! I'm so glad that everything is ok. I'm sure you're really relieved. I have an apointment on Friday, and I'm really nervous about that. I've actually already had three ultrasounds because I've had such a time keeping pregnancies, but by Friday I'll be further along that I've ever been before at 11 weeks 3 days, so if this one goes well, I will feel like I've pa__sed a huge milestone!


AMBER81 - November 20

its the best experience to see such a thing hope it all goes well for you i just love and look forward to my ultrasounds .to see what you have created from love with your partner all your fears will just melt away it gets to me every time its such a special moment for you and your partner good luck to the both of you


sarah21 - November 20

Congratulations on the good ultrasound! At 13 weeks I got my first ultrasound and heard the heartbeat for the first time and I was still surprised there was a baby in there. Each time I hear the heartbeat it's a relief. Now that I feel the kicks, it helps, but man it keeps you on the edge of your seat, huh?



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