My Dates Are Off Supposed To Be 7 Weeks 3 Days

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Tara S - June 1

I am supposed to 7 weeks 3 days today, but ultrasound said 6 weeks 5 days. I am 5 days off , but baby had good heartbeat at 145 bpm. Im a little worried about my dates being off. I have heard of a few days off. Anyone else off on dates and everything is still going good.


Seal - June 1

Hi Tara - I was off by 12 days, so that should make you feel a bit better!! The HB was 156, so that is good. I am going back in 2 weeks for another u/s so I will know then if all is okay. I'm not worrying that much - from what I understand, it is pretty common to have dates that are off. Apparently many women who think they give birth "late" don't in fact - they just had a miscalculated date. So don't worry! keep us posted.


pattford - June 1

my doctor said the calculation has a margin of error of +/- 4 days or so. I don't think you have anything to worry about.


Kirk - June 1

Same with me!!! I am off by about 4 days. I just had an u/s today. I am 7 weeks today (LMP), but the baby is measuring 6w-ish. Nothing to worry about. :)


Tara S - June 4

Thanks for the info. I guess I could have ovulated later, but I have had two losses in 2005 so im a little scared of anything that seems off.


Leilani14 - June 5

Hi tara ! I was off by 3 days. On U/S at 6weeks 5 days I measured 6weeks 2 days, the same thing at 8weeks 5days I measured 8 weeks 2 days. On my 18 week U/S the doc said the baby measueres right on target for a due date, so I'm not sure if those early measurements were a bit off or the baby made up for those three days. Take care


Atarahsmommy - June 5

I was off by 6 days, almost the same you, thought I was 7, 4 and was by u/s 6,5. I am now 33, 3 and everything is going great, all my measurments and my second u/s said the same thing. Its nothing to be worried about, you could have just ovulated a few days later than the middle of the cycle


Tara S - June 6

I guess I don't feel so bad, I have talked to lots that said its very normal for your ultrasound to be off. Did your doctors change your due date? mine never.


Cookie - June 7

Hi, I had the same thing first u/s I was 6w 4 days and the baby measured at 5w5d...but then at the 2nd u/s at 10 w 4 d (lmp) the baby was measuring at 10 dr. was never concerned though as I ovulate late in my cycle...and we saw the little guy with a strong heartbeat..and again at 10 weeks...(this time the baby was bouncing all over and you could even see the nose etc)..your going to be just great...good luck !!!!



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