My Dr Seems A Little Behind

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Nay - September 21

Hi. My doctor, thru Kaiser has not wanted to see me until now, 8wk 1 day pregnant. All she wants to do is blood work, pap, and urine tests. She said they don't do heart beat now, even though I am having a brownish discharge? How soon do they look for a heart beat and ultrasound?


js - September 21

Usually not until after the 12th weeks or so. You should have that done at your next appointment. If you are worried about the discharge then I would make them check you out better. At 8 weeks the baby's heartbeat can't be heard on a doppler this early and the only way to check is by v____al ultrasound. Again this early it's too early to really see anything. You are 8 weeks preg - the baby is 6 weeks old - the heart does not start beating until 6-7 weeks. So even if they did check you would only worry that much more because everything would be inconclusive at this point. I know it's hard (lost 4) and waiting is the worst - but 12 weeks is the average for ultrasounds and things like that... good luck!


Cathy - September 21

Nay, The brownish spotting you are having is most likely just old blood and nothing to worry about. Is this your first pg? If so, js is right and they won't do an u/s until around 20 weeks and you should be able to hear the hb at around 12-13 weeks. Your first visit with your ob sound right. They do all the blood work, a pap test, a urine test and possibly and pelvic exam. If all goes well with the tests, there should be nothing to be concerned about and you will return in 4 weeks or so. If you get some cramping or your discharge changes color to red or pink call your doctor and tell them this, they will probably then schedule you for a v____al u/s. Try to relax (I know it is easier said than done). Don't over exert yourself. And of course like I said if anything changes call your doctor. Good Luck and baby dust.


shawna - September 21

I had the same light brown spotting and my midife said don't worry unless it's red blood or you have cramps and blood. I've read online and it's normal in early pregnancy for a couple of reasons. It could be because you now have way more blood volume in your body and a few cells popped, or it could also be old blood. 12 weeks sounds right for the first ultrasound. I'm 8 weeks too, and I have to wait until October 26th for mine. It's hard to wait isn't it?


Beth - September 21

Will your insurance not cover an ultrasound or is it your Dr.'s choice? I had an ultrasound (v____al) at 7 weeks to be sure it was a viable pregnancy and then at 11 weeks b/c the heartbeat couldn't be detected via doppler-which is normal...however, my dr. just wanted to ease my fears so he did an external ultrasound and we saw the heartbeat again. I would ask personally- it can't hurt! Good Luck!


bump - September 23




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