My Eyes

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oct19bad - June 10

Anyone ever get funny lights in their eyes? Its kinda hard to explain.. it goes away after like 15 min??


LadyBoleyn1 - June 10

I've had that about 3 times. Not now that I am pregnant but I mean in general- before. It happened the first 2 times yrs back after watching dh play playstation for 5 hours straight. They were dry eyes and thereafter it was a blinking chain of lights that subsided apprx. 15 min. The last time was old job with their old computer system (neon green on black) that I had to use a few times. My mom has had it too. Eye doc checked confirmed ok even before he saw her. As for me same thing when I went to him last winter. I went bc I have slight astigmitism and needed gla__ses for tv at night. He advised that renta filters light in such ways (forgot exact terms etc) and thus causing/caused that. Also at Iwhen I went to clubs (back in the days) would see like a shadow trail of color he reffered to as ghosting and also for same reason. Hope this all helped. By the way, when the light things happened yrs back I didnt need tv gla__ses yet so I didnt even know I had astigmitism until it started to affect me yrs later. Always good to see a doc but unless you have sudden floaters in excess I would at least not worry :)


oct19bad - June 11

Thank you soo much, i thought i was going crazy


LadyBoleyn1 - June 11

You're welcome. I thought the same thing the first time. Purchase some Refresh Tears or something to keep your eyes from drying out will help.


POOF - June 11

is it both eyes? if not you should see a dr. it could be an ocular migraine or even little retinal tears.


LadyBoleyn1 - June 11

Oct- I agree with Poof to see an eye doc irregardless but in the interim don't worry or feel you're going crazy :)


browneyes888 - June 14

o.k. so for the past week I thought that its a possibility that I was pregnant and today I was at work and I thought I was going to go blind!! I started freaking out because it was like a white flashing spot in my vision and I couldn't see everything!!



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