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dottiem - June 8

Hi All! I'm sooo excited! This is me & my hubby first baby and we couldn't be more happier. Sometimes tho, I feel overwhelmed, down, up, moody, and scared something might happen to the baby. Im only 9weeks now and have my first apt on June 14th and will have my first ultrasound. I just hope everything is ok. Does anyone eles feels overwhelmed during their pregnancy? Im due Jan 9th


mjelfman - June 8

Congratulations, dottiem!! I'm sure everyone gets overwhelmed at some point or another during their pregnancy, especially the first. :) So remember, you're not alone! There's tons of us here at the forums! **Sticky baby dust!**


Mays - June 8

Hey, I am 7 week on my first too (due Jan 22nd) and I can't describe if I am excited, nervous, thrilled or all of them at the same time! I am having a scan on thursday as I've had problems with bleeding so fingers crossed. The range of emotions that go thru my head every minute is pure crazy but I wouldn't swap it all for anything. Hope you are keeping well and good luck on the 14th.


dottiem - June 20

Thanks guys! I did have my ultrasound and the baby heartbeat was 150 hpm, weighing ok, and was beautiful. I feel a little more at ease but now on june 30 i have to take my first trimester testing for down syndrome. I happy to knw there is others like myself out there..Mays, I hope your pregnancy is doing fine, i hope they get the bleeding under control. Please keep me posted! Thanks also Mjefman! I appreciate you welcoming me into the forums!


Mays - June 21

Hey, I had my scan (7w5d) on June 10th and they could see the heart beating, it was so exciting. The bleeding has stopped but they did say I still have 10% chance of losing because I did bleed but if the heartbeat is still present at 12 weeks, that reduces to less than 2%!So far so good thou, I have had only 5 days of sickness before it stopped and now I feel great, I can eat anything. I am still experiencing un-natural tiredness but I'm happy as it's a good sign that things are still all go. I'm delighted to hear your scan went well. Enjoy it and (easier said than done) try not let the worrying get too bad.


KimberlyFleming - June 22

Hey everyone! I'm also pregnant with my first and due January 22nd. I know how you were feeling dottiem! I found out super early (4 weeks to be exact) and because they couldn't see anything in that sonogram I got nervous that this wasn't real or something would happen to the baby. But now after my 2nd visit and hearing the heartbeat and seeing it, it just kind of puts you at ease and gives you the comfort you need. I still get worried, but I think that comes with being a first time mommy. It's hard for us not to worry about every little thing. We want our little one to be perfect and nothing to be wrong so we worry. But you just have to have faith that everything will be ok and try and enjoy it while it lasts because they won't be this tiny and in our belly's for long! lol.



Aww you guys sound like me when I was pregnant with my first I didn't know jack!!!lol but now I'm jus relaxing I'm 9 wks now I had a lil scare where they were trying to say that they didn't see my baby but I went to the hospital and yes my baby was definitely present! Now I'm jus sick and tired, literally and I am having nasty s_x dreams and other weird were all adults here has anyone been having multiple orgasms beause like my 1st I LOVE PREGO s_x!!!



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