My Girlfriend Bbroke Up With Me A Week After We Found Out

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mdoe02 - March 15

I am not sure how to explain all of this. My girlfriend is 30 and I am 31. We have been madly in love for 6 months. She is a very imdapendant person. We talked about iit and decided to not not try to get pregnant. She has sleep over ever night for the last six months. And I said this is silly she paying 900 a month for a storage place. She said maybe we should look at renting before. Buying. The next day we found out she was preganat. I have never been happier in my life. I thought she as really happy as well. Well. That night I insisted we tell my parents. I know she didn't wannt to right away but I could not help my self. A couple days later we went on a 8 days vacation to cancunn that we had planned for. Which it kind of took some of the fun out of things cause she could drink or smoke. Then out of nowhere she started being distance to me. I tring to talk to her and resurrasure that we are going to be good but she just was in her ownn place. So we spent the next week in cancun hangiing low. It seemed like the more I tried tto get close to her the further she wwas. Except for s_x she wanted it all the time. Anyway the second day we where there we called the doc to get the rsults of a bloodtest and yes we was def pregnant. 2000 hgc or something. After she hung up the phone she got herself into a panic. She said that she didn't thhink this would happen. I mean she's a nurse for god sakes. Any she was distant the rest of the trip when we got home she said she thinks we should take a break. I was like huh. I get that we just spent 8 days together but ccome on. Then she said she can't see us working out. I was like what ddo u mean and she said she started having reservationn about us a week ago. And after this trip she can not see us spending the rest of our lifes together. So I was like wow ok well take some time. Then the next she came over and stayed and was ok. The dayys after that she said thatt we are not a good match and her feeling have changed for me. I keep telling her that it probably just hormons and she in a meean way asured me no. I don't know wwhat to do. I love her and I want to have a famly with her but the more I try to see or talk with her the less she wants anything to do with me. I am heartbroken I miss my best friend and lover. She said that she doent want to go throught the courts we will be able to work it out on our own. So she has not stayed with me for a couple days now. What do I do. Will this pass or sould I plan on being a single dad. I told her I would be this upset even if she wasn't pregnant. Will space really help. Please help me



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