My Husband Is Driving Me Nuts

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Jackie - February 16

I have a 2 year old that keeps me very busy and a big house to keep. I am 6 weeks pregnant. My hubby leaves for work at 7 in the morning and doesn't get back till 7 at night. I am on my own - my parents live an hour away and so does my sister I don't really have any help. My husband is wondering why I am so tired when he comes home???? He is feeling bad because he says I don't make any time for him. On Valentines day we had dinner and by the time dinner was over it was 8:00 and time to get my son ready for bed after that I was exhausted and my husband was disappointed. Everytime he brings it up we end up getting into an argument for some reason he doesn't see why I am so tired??????? Last night he suggested that I wasn't eating the right foods. I have been taking my prenatal vit. for months and eat really well. I tried to explain to him that I am growing a person but he seems to have no sympathy. I get to the point that I am so mad I feel like leaving. Any advice????


Beth - February 16

Jackie, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I work full time, from 6am-3pm which means I am out the door no later than 5:30 in the freaking morning. After work I go pick up my fiance's kindergartener from the day care he goes to after school, then we head off to get his other two kids 9 and 8 from their bus stop. I then go home and I make sure they do their homework (NOT FUN when they sit and stare at the wall and don't do it) and make dinner. I am EXHAUSTED. Not to mention I take courses every other semester still trying to get my liberal studies degree and my cla__s starts TONIGHT, haa haa. I am beat when it comes time for bed, I lay down as early as possible and my fiance feels that I push him away now. I love him and his kids more than anything but my body is going through sssooo much and he doesn't understand it, although he should having 3 kids, haa haa. I "went along" with it on valentines, just for the sake of it being valentines, but last night for instance, he was tryign to be all swett talking and I was like, thats nice, but I am SSOOO tired. Its almost to the point where it could start a fight because he gets aggravated and turns his back on me to sleep when I don't want to.


E - February 16

Hire help for the housekeeping. Don't ask, just do it and wait for him to figure it out on his own. He probably won't even notice, but you will:)


Jackie - February 16

Not a bad idea I just don't know that it would help I am worn out from my son more than anything!


stephanie - February 21

Hi Jackie I to know how you feel going to school, working full time, I have 2 kids 10 & 12, a full time working boyfriend, and we are also raising my brothers 2 kids which are 2 and 4 OH.....and we are potty training both girls and I am 8 1/2 weeks. FUN??? I am so tired I am working and feel the need to hide under my desk to catch a few zzzzz's!!!! I would sit and talk to him for help but if he is anything like my kids 1st dad then nothing will work-NOTHING!!! But on the brighter side if he is compationate but talking won't help you can probably find something on the web for dads to be. Print them out and leave them around the house in a good way. Make sure that the ads are not to demanding on what they should do but how they could help. Maybe you can find something with a story of how a mom to be received alot of help and how appreciative she is to him. I know it might sound demeaning but hey we gots 2 do whats we gots 2 do.


~m~ - February 22

Ditto to what E said....... and as for being worn out from your son, do you have a circle of friends, or a church group, or something like that. You could arrange for a few people you trust to maybe alternate babysitting one day/night a week or something. Also, if you can handle overnight visits, send the baby to mom's or sister's every other weekend or something.... at least for a full 24 hours. You and hubby seriously need to get some alone, quiet time to "rekindle" things before you get in a rut! Good luck!


Jackie - February 22

Thanks for the advice I forgot to mention I also had a m/c a few months back so am nervous about this pregnancy as well. I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and everything looked ok to the doctor we saw the gest. sac and yolk sac and could see some movement with the baby but couldn't get the heartbeat yet. We just moved to the town we live in 3 months ago so I haven't been able to meet any new friends just yet. The problem with my parents is they have their own "social life" and are often busy and my mother-in-law is so busy with my her daughter's 3 children (they live with her) that she doesn't really have time. I think I need a part time nanny???


Mandi - February 22

Oh honey!I know just how u feel i work 12 hour swing shifts!I have a 8 yr old 6 yr old and 11 yr old stepdaughter i do all the housework bill paying and grocery shopping and kid things!I take them to baysitter or school every morning not him!Now i am 7And a half weeks preg. now.My 2 play sports year round so it is extremely hectic.He is trying harder now to understand and help but he just can't figure out why i am so tired when i finally get to la down or after working nights and only sleeping 4 or 5 hours how i could be so tired for 2 or 3 days after!I know girl they are clueless!


Jackie - February 23

The funny thing is when I was pregnant with my son I remember working 10 hour days at a very stressful job and I don't think I was ever this tired???



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