My Son Is Not A Year Yet And Pregnant Again

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erinsoul - January 27

Hi everyone, I just found out I am pregnant again. My son will turn one in mid Feb. I'm 32 and didn't really want to wait long to have a second child, but I'm a little surprised it happened again so quickly. My son will be about a year and half when this baby is born. I was just wondering how women with children close in age handled it when they are so young? Was there enough distance between them, or was it still kinda overwhelming. I guess I worry they'll keep me so busy with their needs, that I may neglect spending that "special " time with them. So how did it work out for you?


kelley - January 27

erinsoul, I too and going to be 32 in June and I wanted to have all of my children close together. Maybe not as close as they are but everything is good. We had a horrible time getting pregnant with dd#1 and so we started trying when dd#1 was 10 months old. My first 2 dd's are 20 months apart, and I too was a little surprised to find out that I got pregnant again right about dd#1 birthday. Well it is wonderful now, they are 3 and 20 months (and we are due again in Aug) and they play together most of the time very well. I won't lie to you, the first probably 6 weeks was rough, but dd#1 did very well, she was not very jealous and we really did not have problems with her, the thing that I focused on was when dd#2 was sleeping or I was feeding her I would make sure that I was spending time with dd#1 either playing with or reading to her. That I think helped with the "special" time issue and she did not feel like she was being put off for the baby. My dd#2 will only be 26 months when the baby comes in August and I am planning to use a lot of the same strategies then. Good Luck!


Preggo - January 29

Hi erinsoul, I'm 31 and my dd is 10mths. I tried for many years for her and am now trying for another. Like you I didn't want to wait. I too want my little ones to be close in age.I feel the same way that you do about quality time but I think kelley's right. I having them close in age like that ,for me, the pros out weigh the cons. .... the best of luck to you all.... I'm 13 dpo and waiting to take my test... A little nervous to do it ..hehehe


AnytimeLittleone - January 29

Hi Erin... I found out last night that Im newly pregnant with my 2nd child. My first daughter is currently 6 months, and will be about 15 months when the new baby is born. Id love to keep in touch with you, we have very similar circ_mstances!


mikemia - January 29

Congratulations!!!! We are in the same boat! I just found out on Friday, and our daughter celebrated her first birthday on the 19th. I am a little scared too. I keep telling myself that women all over the world do it everyday, and so can I (and YOU!) Some women just don't realize until both children are around and everyone gets in a groove. I figure if my sister can do it, anyone can! I was really concerned with "finding" more love, because I am so head over heels in love with my daughter. But, from everyone I talk to, they tell me that I will know the minute I look in that newborns eyes that everything is just going to be wonderful!!! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


erinsoul - January 29

Thanks for the support everyone. I know there are lots of people who have children close in age... I just want to know their secret! It's like you said Mikemia, It's just so hard to believe that I could love another child as much as I do my son Dane, and I don't want to take anything away from him. In the long run I think them growing up close in age will be great for them ... I just worry about the "early" years. Will I be able to keep up? And wow "anytime little one" 6 months! Good Luck! You really will have your hands full.



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