My Tastebuds Are Changing I Can No Loner Enjoy Starbucks

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newlywed0915 - November 2

I'm 7 weeks and wondering if any of you ladies are experiencing aversion to food your normally eat or enjoy. My hubby fixed my favorite meal last night: asparagus, breaded baked chicken, and rice. I barely ate at all and the rice tasted so strange! Early inmy pregnancy I ordered a java chip frap from Starbucks and it just tasted strange! The other day I tried another favorite: and iced chai, and I only had 2 sips! It didn't taste the same! I'm trying to eat saltines to help with my nausea, and they even taste horrible! I LOVE avocados and usually eat several. Being pregnant for 7 weeks I've only eaten 2, and they the texture seems so strange to me that I don't want them anymore... BUT I LOOVE avocados! Whats wrong?! LOL! This morning I gagged when I brushed me teeth too! Anyone else experiencing palate changes?


jennifer_33106 - November 2

Oh I was there and still am even though I am 24 weeks. haha But it has tapered off alot with me. I still cant stand the smell nor sight of garlic and have a tough time downing my veggies but other then that i am better. Hopefully the second tri lightens your load a lil!


Shiva - November 2

I am also the same. I am 7w5d today and since 6w2d I am feeling same I am not able to eat or even smell my favourite foods. Water I can't drink and any thing related bread or wheat makes me throwing and brusheeing teeth is horrible in the morning I always gagge this time and vomiting became normal routine 02-03times a day. Hoping to get better soon.


newlywed0915 - November 2

The things we go through in pregnancy.... :-) It'll be well worth it in the end, I'm sure. I only puked earlier this week and it was twice on monday and once tues and wednesday. We'll see if it comes back over the weekend. I'm still very nauseuous, but no puking yet since Wednesday. <knock on wood> I found that making the gag noises helps me when I feel nauseuous when I'm driving. I don't puke, but it helps. Weird, I know.


ZenGirl - November 2

i am a religious coffee drinker (decaf of course) and yesterday i noticed that the hazelnut coffee smelled like vomit and when i tried to drink it all i tasted was the cream. yuck! needless to say the cup and the rest of the pot went down the drain. right now the only thing that always sounds good to me is soup! but that's ok because it is one of my favorites.


fefer1 - November 2

I too cannot touch coffee and I LOVE it!!!! I see people drinking it on TV and want a cup so bad, but it jsut doesn't taste good.I'm sooo sad. I hate the food aversion thing because I love food - and now I can't stand anything but grapefruits and plain bagels with turkey, cream cheese and pickles. :) I do eat a lot of yogurt now , which I couldn't stand before. Guess it's good for me though! Garlic is bad too - and onions - with my first baby I could smell garlic coming out of my husbands pores all night long after he had eaten some that night for dinner. It was the worst smell ever!!!


lisa715 - November 5 only love before i met my husband! i am an avid drinker (black - no fixings) and i can't stand even the smell of it now!! here's my biggest issue - i used to be an extremely healthy eater. i lagged a bit on the working out and put a few pounds on but now that i'm pregnant - i can't eat anything unless i don't think about it too long - which boils down to prepared foods at restaurants, fast food, etc. it's such a nightmare. i have to stay full or i feel nauseous and am too sick to eat. the biggest problem is that i'm packing on the pounds. i don't know how to slow down without being sick all the time and i work so i can't afford it! all i think about is how worth it it all is. i'm already a momma bear - i'll do ANYTHING to feed and protect my baby :)


newlywed0915 - November 5

I can eat/drink soup...thats all. I abhor saltines, but they help with my nausea. I don't think we're going to eat out very much anymore because I can't even eat my food after I order it. I went to On the Border the other night and ordered pico chicken and shrimp with rice. I sounded SOOO good! I took one bite of the shrimp and *yuck*. One bite of the chicken, and I was done. I tried eating the second bowl of guacamole I'd ordered and I just couldn't. I felt nauseous on the way home and threw up the guac and the piece of chicken when I got there.Soup is all that I can stomach for now. Its sad, because I really enjoy good food, and I can't eat it! Dh cooked steaks last night at family dinner and the smell made me want to hurl. they looked so delicious though! I stuck to my chicken noodle soup and potatoes....which...also seem to be the only thing I can eat. Potatoes stay down...french fries, hash browns....but I need to be careful of those!!!!


fefer1 - November 6

lisa 715 - I did the same thing with my dd. I couldn't cook anything because the smell would ruin my appet_te. I craved McDonalds sausage muffins sooo bad that I had to have one every morning. If I was late to work or school I didn't care, just get me my muffin!! :) I gained 60 pounds - and lost all but 5 thanks to b___stfeeding. I did hear somewhere that pregnant women and children under 2 don't have to worry about cholesterol as much for some reason. Not that I'm recommending you go out and eat sausage and eggs all the time, but maybe it will make you feel a little better about the fast food?? :) Newleywed - I did and still do the same thing with eating out. I crave something, order it, take one bite and can't touch it anymore. A huge waste of money for us. :) I do love salty french fries though - they have always been a comfort food. mmmm! Soups though - can't do them right now. Don't worry though - the second tri will come before you know it, your appet_tes will be back and you can start eating healthy stuff again and balance things out.


newlywed0915 - November 6

I love salty french fries! If I got french fries everytime I've wanted them for the last 2 weeks, I'd have gained 15 lbs by now. Lol! I have really stonr cravings for Sonic Tater Tots though. Sonic is a drive up fast food chain out in the Midwest. The tater tots are SO crispy!!!! mmm-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!I think I'm going there tonight for dinner. huby wants spaghetti. I'll cook his dinner, then go grab mine. Lol


lisa715 - November 7

i absolutely LOVE salty french fries - last night i bought two bags of curly fries and tater tots. i bake them at home instead of fry them and they do the trick for me and they're not nearly as bad for you as the fried ones at mcdonalds. if you don't mind waiting for them to bake (15-20min) then it's a great alternative and you won't gain as much weight :)


newlywed0915 - November 7

thats what I need to do. Buy a few bags of fries. Lol... Last night I went and got tater tots at Sonic, and while I enjoyed them thoroughly, I felt very guilty. :- / ! Haha... oh but I couldn't even eat more than two bites of my cheeseburger. Yuck.


fefer1 - November 7

mmmm...french fries. I should try to bake them myself, that's a good idea. :) I did eat about half a box of captain crunch berries last night though! I was dying to have some and when my husband got home with the box I had my bowl and spoon and milk all ready for the cereal. Nothing has tasted soooo good in a while!



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