Nasty Taste In Mouth

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jessielouwho - August 1

Hi, I'm 10 weeks and I've had a horrible taste in my mouth everyday for the past couple weeks. I've had nausia w/ no vomiting, I'm wondering if my unsettled stomach is what is causing the taste. I try eating and drinking different things, chewing gum or sucking candy, as soon as the food/drink/candy is gone, the taste is right back. Anyone else with the same problem. It's really bothering me.


t - August 1

jessielouwho, i had this early in my pregnancy too. it was horrible like a metalic taste. i cried twice on two different occasions because i was really craving a certain food then i ate it and it tasted awful! i'm at the end of my second trimester and it's gotten much better. hang in there and remember you're having the bad taste because you have a miracle growing inside you:)


jessielouwho - August 1

t, Thanks for reminding me of the silver lining to my cloud.


Ashley - August 1

I'm 9 weeks and I make all of this nasty tasting spit!!! If I swallow too much it makes me throw up. You are fortunate you have had no vomiting!! I suck on peppermints, ect. Even that doesn't last forever!!! You are not alone!!!


Jessielouwho - August 3

I know! I'm producing all this saliva too, it makes me feel sick as well.


Ashley - August 3

Do you crave particular things? For the first time in my life I enjoy Sprite and now I'm onto Gatorade!! Pregnancy is soooo weird! :)


jessielouwho - August 3

LOL that's funny. I do have cravings, like a sudden desperate want for something in particular, but as of yet, not anything I wouldn't typically eat. Right now I'm at work and I'm dying for Wendys fries!!


Kelly - August 5

I have the same exact thing. Certain things taste horrible now. And I am always paranoid that I have bad breath because of this horrible taste in my mouth. I am 9 wks along, and I am just now starting to get sick from morning to about 3 pm!!! Sucks....


Renea - August 10

Hi ladies. I am 8 weeks along and been having that nasty taste since last week, nausea came with it too, but no vomiting. I have been sucking on hard candy or chewing gum all day long. This is my 4th pregnancy, and usually by the end of the 1st trimester it gets much better. So keep hoping for these next few weeks to go fast!


Lauren - October 13

Thank goodness I thought it was me! I have had horrible taste for a week now. My tongue looks as if it has more than usual whitish coating on it as well. I have been looking on the internet and it does not sound like oral thrush -but could not understand it. Feel nausea but not been sick and cleaning my teeth makes me want to gag. Has it gone for you girls yet?


Renea - October 13

Well, here is a follow-up. I am now at the end of 17 weeks and my nasty taste has been gone for a week!! Yeah!! It kind of just disappeared when the nausea went away. Hopefully with a little more time, yours will go away too.


Lauren - October 14

Thanks for that-it encouraging and congrats on beng 17 weeks-I can't wait to get out of the scary frst trimester!


Amy - October 17

Yes! I am about 7 weeks and I cannot get this nasty taste out of my mouth. It's not exactly metallic, more like bitter-sweet. I can't even describe it. I noticed that changing my toothpaste helped ( I had vanilla mint toothpaste which just made it worse), but it's still there. I also have a very upset stomach but no vomiting. Nothing seems to make that taste go away though and it makes things I usually love (from apples to ice cream) taste disgusting! It stinks but I am just happy to be having symptoms as this is my little miracle baby, conceved after a m/c! I hope things got better for you and I hope that this taste leaves soon! God bless.


Dawn - October 22

Hi, i am experiencing the same symptom it is horrible isnt it? i am 15 weeks and have had this since about week 10. i constantly have a chewing gum in my mouth which is costing a fortune. this is my 2nd pregnancy and i cant remember having this problem with my 1st (she is now 4). i have packets of chewing gum all over the house and in my bag and coat just so that where ever i am i have access to one. i am so glad that i am not the only one with this problem. i heard that the reason some women have this taste is due to change in hormones, however i havent heard how to get rid of it i think its just one of those things that will either stay with you until you give birth or as your pregnancy progresses it will go off. i know that this is no use to you or anyone else who has this problem but if anyone does have the solution i would also like to know as i am getting fed up of chewing. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.xx


Lee - October 24

I am also 10 weeks, and this is exactly the reason I am online... I got totally fed up at work today, I am so sick of this taste. i just want to know what it is and when its going to stop. It seems to get worse if I eat sweet things, but actually its bad no matter what I eat. I wonder if it means that I am not drinking enough water?


Heather - October 25

Hi gals I have this same trouble and glad I ran into this chat room. Mine is a metallic taste and I remember having it with my first pregnancy too. I also find I am really thirsty at the time I have it too. Makes me feel like not eating anything! At least I'm not alone and I can kind of put a finger on it! Thanks, Heather


N - October 26

I've had a taste in my mouth that tastes kind of like something in my mouth is bleeding! Could this be what you're describing??



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