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jenn - February 7

I'm about 6wk 5 days and believe that I had my first bout with pregnancy sickness this weekend. I felt horrible all day Saturday and then most of Sunday. It seemed to subside around meal times (when I thought that I was getting hungry) and then I'd feel horrible after I ate. The thought of certain foods makes me wence now too. I'm sticking to breads and meats - anything else doesn't sound so good. Last night and so far today have not been so bad, but I just ate lunch and now feel yucky again - albeit not as bad as Saturday. Is anyone else experiencing this kind of sickness? Its not what I heard that morning sickness would be like.


Leahp - February 7

EXACTLY!!! It's miserable and nothing seems to sound good or settle well!! I can't wait for this stage of the pregnancy to be over!! Friday night was probably my worst night yet, I had to have my husband go and out and buy me 7-up and I tried to eat what I could, but nothing seems to go down well!! I know exactly how you feel. Plus I feel like I'm going to throw up but it just never happens!! ugghhh! Mine started right at six weeks, I'm eight weeks now and it doesn't seem to get any better!! YUK! Good luck hun!! I'm with ya on this one!!! If I knew of something that helped I would tell ya, but so far 7-up is working for me and frequent small meals, I also bought some jolly ranchers! I hope it helps!


Julie - February 7

Hi there, I am in the SAME boat. I am 7 weeks and 6 days. Mine just got bad yesterday. I am finding that if I don't eat "meals' but just little things often it helps me. I vomit after I eat a large meal. I think because the food stays in your stomach longer when pregnant that your tummy gets irritated and rejects the food, just my thought. Also peppermint lifesavers are AWESOME, peppermint helps with nausea. So does ginger. So try ginger ale or even better make some. If you like ginger ale, buy some ginger root, peel slice and boil it with sugar, lemon and vanilla. It makes a syrup, then mix it with mineral (fizzy) water. If anyone wants the true recipe I'll go into more detail. On lots of ice, it tastes good and is very soothing for nausea......good luck to us!!


Lucky1 - February 7

I have been having plenty of nasea, even puked at work this morning in front of my co-worker, it was totally embarrasing. However, I don't normally throw up, I just got caught without my gingerale and my crackers. Yes, the saltine crackers do work, and gingerale helps to settle your stomach, I drink ginger-ale all day (except this morning, I tried to eat yogurt) and it works like a charm. My doctor told me that Lemonade is a good alternative. I also learned that the nausea is worse when your stomach is too empty or too full.... Hope this helps


Judi - February 10

Ginger candy helps my nausea. I have tried ginger altoids and Chinese ginger taffy. As long as I have a bit of ginger candy in my mouth, I can keep from vomiting at work. Also, water with lemon juice seems to help.


Jeremi - October 5

I know how you all feel i am 6 weeks and it hit me about 3 days ago, i have been sick as a dog, i actually ended up in the hospital for 6 hours today for fluids, i lost 6 pounds in 5 days i think i will try some ginger candy when my grandmother had cancer it really helped her GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!!!



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