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Melissa - August 21

What can I take to help me through the nausea?


indiana mom - July 22

Only what your physician tell you is permitted. Not all over the counter meds are safe. I feel your pain! :(


Erin - July 27

Try crackers...i read that you should keep them beside your bed and have one when you get up....i have one or two then and then anytime throughout the day i feel sick, it's worked for me!


Brandy - July 27

Hi Melissa I tried the cracker deal, having some before getting out of bed in the morning - but I was just as sick during the day - even with additional crackers throughout the day. I have been eating Ginger Snap cookies throughout the day and drinking Ginger Ale - it seems to work better for me. Anything with Ginger is suppose to help. Also, the key for me seemed to be to keep some food on my stomach all day long, so I eat almost constantly , little snacks of fruits, etc and have smaller main meals. Good luck, hang in there!!!!!


Anon - July 27

I found that keeping food in my stomach all day has helped ALOT. Do not let yourself get really hungry, just makes it 100 times worse =)


Jaye - August 4

I'd like to know too! I usually keep my stomach full throughout the day to decrease morning sickness & it was helping for a while. But lately NOTHING I eat or drink will stay down.


katie - August 4

I am almost 6 wks and have the same problem...I could overcome the nausea by constantly eating small things during the day but its a different story now. Nothing will stay down. I probably started worrying about it too much when I noticed that I was a couple pounds heavier I thought there was no way I would make it through 9 months of eating that much...and now look what curse I put on myself. I also am exhausted and could sleep for hours at night! What can be done to establish a better eating routine that wont come back up?


Kim - August 5

If your phys says ok and you are willing to use a prescription, Zofran has really helped me. My doc tried Phenergan first which did absolutely nothing, then he tried Zofran and it has helped immensely!!! Just be careful, it is VERY expensive and some insurances won't cover it or they may need "prior authorization". But it's worth it to feel better! The crackers didn't help me; I got sick of them after only two days. So far, ginger snaps, pretzels, and Sprite are ok. Fruit is helping too (oranges, plums, melons). Those will also give you the extra fiber you will need! Hang in there, I feel your pain, too!


Christina - August 21

Water works for me, I keep a gla__s beside my bed at night, and almost always, if you see me, I have a water with me at all times. Good luck.


karen - September 20

Taking any prescription medications even antiobiotics especially in the first trimester could cause problems with your baby. I took an antibiotic which the doctor said it was ok and behold my 5th most recent child was born with pulmonary stensosis. A narrowing of the valve from the heart to the lungs. I have another friend who took antiobiotc with one of her 7 children and he was born with a trachea problem. She said there is an article in the bradley book that states taking antiobiotics in the first trimester can cause heart or trachea problems which I did not know. My own mother took prescription drugs in my pregnancy and I have mitral valve. The first trimester is a very fragil state of pregnancy when everything is forming. So seek things out for yourself ,and don't believe everthing doctors tell you.They say immunization are safe,but my child had a siezure with his first MMR shot,and he has mild autism. To look more into that for yourself go to ther is vital informatin that can save your child life. My husband got dyslexia from immunizations. Your morning sickness will be done in no time before you know it. IT is actually a good sign that your hormones are working as they should. Hang in there ladies!


brucen - September 20

Great post Karen and thaks for providing a link. There is some very interesting stuff provided.



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