Nausea What To Do

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hello - July 23

h__lo. i am 8 wks and since last week i have had nausea and vomiting. i am trying to eat the crackers and the lukewarm water, but that is only working till about noon. then the crackers feel like dry paper in my mouth (sorry tmi!) i just don't know what to do! i get hungry, have no appet_te and when i get hungry and have an empty stomach i start vomiting. what are you ladies doing to keep your bellies full when you have no appet_te?


Jess - July 23

When I was nauseous I found the most important thing was to keep my stomach full. The minute I would get hungry I would feel sick. That can be very tricky to do if you don't feel like eating anything. My best trick was popsicles. I got good fruit juice with vitamin c and calcium and made my own. I found those were the easiest things to eat when I wasn't feeling good. That way my stomach felt a bit fuller and it was easier to eat real food. Good luck.


Val - July 23

I bought some ginger snaps the other day, and those have really helped. I just eat a couple if I start feeling nauseous and then the nausea usually goes away and I can eat something else. I've found that fruit and toast are usually good, and also protein like peanut b___ter or cheese. I also have been trying to just eat small things several times a day...


Ashley - July 23

In the begining I had "Hyperemesis Gravidum" Fancy words for "I puke too much" ha! I couldnt ekep anything down. Finally what helped slightly was to suck it up and eat, I slowly found what foods irratated me more than others. A very bland diet helped me, also I ATE when I ATE and drank when i drank, dont eat and drink. Take sips of water but not a full gla__s with a meal. Wait like 30-40 minutes in between. The most important thing right now since you are so early in pregnancy still is to stay hydrated. You arent hurting the baby by not keeping things down, its hurting yourself (some reason that made ME feel better...i felt like i was killing my kid) He/She is taking whats needed for development from you. It does go away, so keep your head up. Its hard, its not glamerous but it happens. I am 20 weeks 3 days and healthy. My m/s didnt go away until 16 weeks, BUT it did disapear! (next to when your baby comes it was the happiest day LOL ) Take care happy pregnancy



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