Nausea And Queasiness What To Eat

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alinadaud - October 10

I am just now 6 weeks along and starting to struggle with yucky feelings. It is not like i feel like i have to vomit, but just feeling like a really bad hangover. I feel yucky and a constant feeling of starvation. The problem is, nothing sounds good to eat. All of my usual favorite snacks sound unappetizing. Anyone else in this boat?


sarah21 - October 10

Been there done that. My husband would mention food to eat to try to help me think of what I wanted and I would actually throw up from the thought of it. I would try drinking some milk to get something in your stomach, then if you feel better think of everything you can to see if something sounds good. I loved pickles and lemons. Try sucking on a lemon and see if the tartness helps to settle your stomach. Maybe oatmeal or cream of wheat? Sometimes things with little flavor sounded good to me. It'll pa__s, but if you find it doesn't improve and you can't eat, see your Dr. because they can prescribe medicine to make it better.


sarah21 - October 10

Oh and try not to let yourself get the least bit hungry. That was the worst thing I could have done. Keep snacking on crackers and fruit and stuff to keep something in your stomach at all times.


Whisper - October 13

The lemon idea is a good suggestion, I'll second that one. When I want to try and keep down my food, I have a gla__s of water with some lemon juice squeezed in. It really seems to settle the stomach and keep the sick feelings at bay for me. Hope it helps you too! GL!


fefer1 - October 13

I'm 6 weeks too - and the sickness has come earlier than my first pregnancy. I have tried almonds - I eat a few before I get up and snack on them during the day. The problem I had last time was that once I found something that worked, a few days/weeks later it stopped working. What I like now is toast with a little b___ter. Definately don't let your stomach get empty though - that was killer for me. I might actually try a lemon though, I have heard it helps.


twoboys - October 14

I'm 8 weeks and I feel the same way! In fact, today I thought I might like a chicken salad sandwhich from Wildflower, I went and bought it and as I was driving home, realized i didn't want that at all. I probably ate only half of it. My husband and i try to think of things I might like. NOTHING sounds appetizing. BUt I agree, don't let your tummy stay empty and something that works for me is chewing on antacids to keep the acid down. I have found that the acid actually gives me the queasy feeling...even though I didn't think I was having any reflux.


AngelinLuv - October 14

I figured out the key for me was not to let myself get hungry EVER. I snacked on tons of Honey Nut Cheerios & grapes.


gabby509 - October 15

I am also 6 weeks, and I totally agree with everyone that if you don't let yourself get hungry it ifs far more bearable. I have been forcing myself to eat about 6 to 8 small meals a day and I find it to be very helpful. I'm going to try that lemon thing.


ma1008 - October 15

LEMON, works great, i take one whenever we go out cause i get motion sickness now too and it works great.


WinterRainFox - October 17

Rice cakes are good. The ones with no flavor.


fefer1 - October 17

I tried the lemon and I think it did help. I squeazed some in some water and then I also sucked on a few slices and it made me feel better. Not sure if it was the lemon or something else I had eaten but I'm going to try again!


Gemini_Girl - October 18

oh yeh its a horrible feeling, just try and eat little and often, even if you dont feel like eating - I found that toast and camomile tea helped me, hopefully you will find something that is right for u



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