Nausea And Vomiting Zofran

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hazelnut07 - March 23

Did anyone here try Zofran for nausea and vomiting? I was told it is a class B med, which is suppose to be safe for pregnancy.


numom2b - March 23

zofran is often used post-labor or pre/post cesarian to offset the nauseating effects of anesthesia. However, I haven't heard of it being used for morning sickness nausea. Also, I don't know the pregnancy rating of zofran, I do know that most drugs are Cla__s C because it's generally considered imoral to test products on pregnant women. I don't know if it helps, but good luck with the nausea.


Justine - March 23

I've been taking zofran since i was 7 weeks pg. i'm now 22 weeks and still having to take it otherwise i start throwing up immediately! i was diagnosed with hyperemesis (severe morning sickness), had to go on iv drip, etc. lost alot of weight and the zofran is the only thing that stops me throwing up and allows me to eat. i've had 3 u/s and the baby looks just fine and is a normal weight. zofran is a cla__s b med which is why i felt a little happier taking it. if you need it and your dr is recommending it, i would go for it. good luck.


amyliss - August 13

I used zofran with my second baby and will probably go on it again during my current pregnancy due to extreme nausea and vomiting. My son has no problems and I took it throughout the entire 1st and part of the 2nd trimesters. Go for it. It helps a lot!!


Helene - August 13

Hi! I am 25 weeks pregnant and took zofran about four or five times between 15th an 18th weeks. I had an amnio that came back completely okay and my u/s's have been good so far. I have one more scheudled because they still can't get pics of his heart becaues my little stinker keeps lying on his belly and refuses to move during u/s! I need to do my u/s at 10 pm when he is up and moving! LOL! ALso, I have three friends who took zofran (in early and later trimesters) and their kids are all normal. The one took it from 15 weeks until the day she gave birth and is now taking it for her second because she has the hyperemiss that Justine has - she also was hospitalized with an IV drip for a few days due to dehydration before they gave her the meds. I agree with Justine - when you ar so ill that you cannot keep food down, it is a lot more dangerous because you and the baby both need hydration and nutrition. BTW, I am still geting ill these days, and have thrown up on occasion, but haven't taken zofran in weeks because I keep food down and am gaining weight and baby is fine, so I figure I can live with the nausea (mine is obviosuly not as bad as theirs at this point). But when you can't keep food down or can't even eat form the nausea, that is not good, and I would take the zofran - that was basically my guidleine for when I would take it.. Your doc obviously feels you are ill enough to warrant taking it. Good luck, and hopefully you will be long done with the m/s by the time you are as far along as me! And good luck to amyliss - maybe you won't get it this time - and to Justine - I hope yours finally ends or at least eases up. It is a miserable feeling especially at such a happy time.


cjone - August 14

Even I had hyperemesis and the days I would vomit 9-10 times, zofran helped. I have heard of people who have taken zofran 3 times a day in addition to phenegrine (sp ?) everyday and everything turned out fine.



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