Nausea Question

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Carazayladay - April 23

Hey I want to ask a stupid question... Okay if you read my post from about a day ago I said I was pregnant and asking about my period and stuff but this isn't about that, just that I am saying I am pregnant. lol sorry if I am confusing sounding... okay well I wanna ask all you ladies out there about ur nausea. Can you get nauseated in the top of ur stomach above ur belly button due to being pregnant? Cuz I know that you can get cramps and stuff below ur belly button{obviously where baby is growing} but does anyone get nauseated in the top of ur stomach?? I been getting kinda sick right there and it kind of feels gassy but I kind of feel like throwing up{but I never do}.. Anyone else get this during pregnancy? I mean I don't see why a pregnant woman wouldn't get sick everywhere in her stomach but tell me if I am wrong plz! Thanks to all who respond!


EricaG - April 23

your stomach is actually high above your bellyb___ton and to the left,pretty much everything below your bellyb___ton (besides the reproductive system and a__s) is intestines. Your intestines even go up above your belly b___ton a little ways. In early pregnancy, up until about 11 weeks, the uterus has not raised above the pubic bone. Pain below your pubic bone would be your uterus, other than that most cramping and pain below your belly b___ton is in the intestines; gas, poop, etc. You only feel nauseous in your stomach, not in your intenstines or uterus or anything else. So of course any nauseous feeling that you have would be above your bellyb___ton. then there is the matter of heartburn which is felt right below your sternum, the bone that hold the ribs together in the front. Nausea, intestinal cramping, uterine cramping and heartburn are some of the most common ailments of pregnancy. all caused by different things and in different parts of your body. I suggest you look up a diagram of the abdomen of the human body and familiarize yourself with the inner workings of your body. It will benefit you greatly in deciding what kind of pain is normal and what is not throughout your pregnancy.


Carazayladay - April 23

lol thank you!!


Karen HH - May 3

Hi Carazay, funny, i just posted something to this effect yesterday. for some reason it is not aroudn today, but i have been having discomfort high up (right below rib cage, where diaphragm is). i would say pressure is the right way to describe it and it is what gives me a feeling of nausea. is this similar to what you are experiencing?



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