Nausea Remedies

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fernanda - April 27

I am 8 weeks pregnant and the nausea has me so depressed i cry every day. I have tried ginger ale/canada dry (yuck!), crackers (bored!), juicy fruit (ok), carrot sticks (ok) I am hungry but at the same time I feel as though I have indigestion so I cant really eat or DRINK! I havent been drinking enough fluids either because its yucky!....can you please give me suggestions I will TRY ANYTHING!!!!!


gf - April 27

try eating some ice blocks it can soothe your tummy. GL!


Davida - April 27

Sprakling water, lemon flavored, did the trick for me! I know it's miserable. Good luck!


Kim - April 27

I eat freezies !! Every morning I have a freezie and whenever i feel that nauseous feeling come over me .... I eat a freezie !! :) It works for me ... good luck


Ca__sie - April 27

suck on hard candy. Seriously. It is the only thing that worked for me. I went to Costco / Sams Club and bought a 5lb bag of Jolly Ranchers....... works wonders!!


jena - April 27

if nothing works, my doctor just talked to me yesterday about a safe presription med that works for nausea - if there is any way to get your hands on it - because you need to be eating and especially drinking - I know, it's hard!!! i've also heard of sucking on ginger roots - but I don't think i can stomach that..good luck!!!


Mythili - April 27

I am also have Nausea problem. I don't really throw up but I feel like as, if I eat anything I might throw up. I am very very pick now as to what I eat. I drink fluids without a prob. but it is the food that I am not eating much.


Amy - April 27

You can buy Ginger Root pills at any health food store and some pharmacies. My Dr. told me that it is safe to take one pill 2-4 times a day as I need them.. They have been a huge help to me. Sipping on some gingerale and eating a few saltine crackers are good too.


arli - April 27

i eat toast and peanut b___ter, it works for me.


fernanda - April 28

thank you ladies - i appreciate it greatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mandy - April 28

I had morning sickness really bad in my first pregnancy but this time around it is not so bad. I did some reading on natural remedies however before I got pregnant this time and they have helped me not be so naseated. First of all you should understand possible causes for morning sickness. Lack of nutrition makes it worse. I know it is hard but you have to make yourself eat starting first thing in the morning. DO NOT SKIP B-FAST! I made that mistake in my first pregnancy. If you can do crackers try putting something on them like cheese or peanut b___ter. As Amy mentioned you can get ginger root pills...these were hard on my stomach. I found it more effective to buy fresh ginger root and make a tea of it. You can also get ginger chews that are a good quick fix. I personally like to get red raspberry leaf from the herb shop and make tea from that. It has helped me a lot. I drink it twice a is also a good source of iron. Also, if you are taking a prenatal vitamin try taking in the evening (this didn't help me.) If that doesn't work switch to Flinstones Complete chewable vitamins...they contain the amount of Folic Acid you need and they are much easier on your stomach. Hope this is helpful....good luck and enjoy your pregnancy. Try not to see it as an illness but as something beautiful.


Brittany - May 18

I have never had a child or been pregegnant, but fruit does wonders for me when I feel nauseated , nothing acidic ( like oranges, kiwi, etc.) eat something like, a banana, apple, melon. Bananas always worked best for me, try with a gla__s of vanilla soymilk.


Alison - May 18

As well as advising crackers. ginger etc my midwife also said to avoid milky/liquidy foods and drinking too much fluid while eating a meal. I'd not heard that before but will give it a try! Shame as usually I love creamy sort of dishes! I usually have a very sweet tooth and have been finding now that things are too sweet so I'm hoping my cravings will all be for savory things and I will continue to be put off sweet things for a while which can't be a bad thing! :o) I like the ideas about the freezies/ice it sounds helpful. xxx


vanessa - May 18

You could try the motion sickness pressure bands made for your wrists. A co-worker of mine swears by them.


Amy - June 12

Everyday something different might help, go with your cravings. With my first child, one day jolly ranchers worked, next day popsicles worked. If it gets too bad and you can't manage to keep anything down, including water, talk to your dr, you may have hyperemisis and that's serious. Just make sure you research any medications your dr offers to give you before you start taking them, as there is no FDA approved nausea drug for pregnancy. I would try what the girls listed above first as they've given you some great ideas. Good luck!


Brandy - June 12

Fernanda, I know exactly what you mean. I get sooo sick in the evenings (around 4pm on). Nothing has really helped me. I do however eat a balanced breakfast and lunch, and just eat cereal or something light for dinner. Just try and hang in there. I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and still having nausea & vomiting. They say it will end soon... I hope so. Also, try Tums Smooth Dissolve. They help with the indigestion. Hope this helps. I too have tried all that you mentioned. Good luck!



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