Nausea That Comes And Goes

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lmk - March 4

Today is the start of my 7th week...first time. Last week I had quite a bit of queesiness and nausea, but no vomiting. Today, I feel almost none. I read somewhere that disappearance of MS can be a sign of a failing pregnancy, and I'm worried. Anyone else have nausea only some days, not all the time? thanks, lmk


sdillon78 - March 4

Yes, I was the EXACT same way! I was worried as well, but everything is just fine. I am now 12 weeks and my nausea isn't near as bad....but I remember it being on and off from about 7-9 weeks then at 9 weeks I had it EVERY night!!! Good luck to you I am sure everything is fine!


debbie80 - March 5

Lmk- symptoms come and go in pregnancy..some days you will feel fine and others you will not. I had m/s from 7-9 weeks straight and then one day it just stopped. I thought something was wrong but then a few days later, it came back for I am now 14 weeks and I am starting to feel like my normal self not worry if your symptoms come and go...I know a lot of people who have NO symptoms and have had healthy babies...dont stress to much about will worry even more. Just rememeber that no two pregnanices are the same. Dont do research online about it or will go crazy!! Trust me, I am speaking from expereince. Good luck to you.


lmk - March 5

Thanks for all your replies. I do worry so much...I've realized that I've turned into my mother. LOL All my worry does drive me crazy, because I wonder if I should be doing should I call up the doc and tell him about my concerns. I'm always thinking am I leaving some stone unturned? You're right though, I need to stop doing reasearch online!!! :) thanks sdillon78 and debbie80, reading your replies really eased my mind. lmk


MrsShelton217 - March 5

My M/S just kind of comes and goes. Ther are some days where I feel completely fine... no symptoms... and then some days when I dont even go to work b/c I feel so bad....



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