Nearly 6 Weeks Having Brown Spotting

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GimmeaBub - October 14

Hey all, I am trying not to stress but yesterday i had a very very light brown spotting, just spotting thats it, no red, no pink just brown, it frighen the bejeezus out of me i cried, I kept going to the toilet every 1/2 hour to check, well after about 4 hours it stopped, I only saw it when i really really really wiped, then this morning same thing, no crmaping just a little more brown spotting, It's finally stopped again, but could that mean there is something wrong with my bean? I remember being pregnant 3 years ago, and when i was about this far along i had spotting then too. I actually thought this time round i had a number 2 accident, then the colour changed from brown to more of a yellow. Anybody else had this happen? Baby Juice


cynnababy - October 14

Brown spotting is scary, but not always bad. Brown is good, as long as it's not bright red. I had brown spotting and a little pink/light red when I was around 6 weeks, and it lasted for about 2 weeks. It was very scary as i already had 2 miscarriage before this one. Luckily my RE is very nice, and gave me blood test to make sure my hcg is not dropping, and i also had a early u/s at 6.5 weeks to confirm the viability of the baby. Everything went well, and I am now 17 weeks.


Jenduck - October 14

Hi there, We are almost nine weeks along and I've also noticed some very light brown discharge in the past two days. Yesterday I had some quick, sharp pains in what felt like my left ovary. I had about five 'pains' that lasted about 1/2 an hour, and then today the light brown discharge. Because we m/c in June, I am obviously quite scared. The good news is they found the heartbeat at 6 weeks, and I still have sore b___sts and a 'pooch'. Still...I'm so scared right now it's going to happen again. I'm not sure I could take two m/c's in the span of four months. I'd love to hear from others who may have been through the same thing. GimmeaBub and cynnababy, did you have any of the pain symptoms I described? Thanks, ladies. :)


kay101 - October 14

I do! I've had it all week. It's happened three times so far. By the time I notice it, it's a really really dark brown and I wipe as much of it away as I can. It seems by the time I notice it's there, it's done and starts fading from brown, to tan, to beige, then nothing. I had it one day, the next day, then it skipped a day. It scares me everytime I get little cramps, but so far it's always been gas or constipation. Never had any cramps with the spotting. It's hard because I wonder each time if it's going to turn red or if it's going to go away completely this time. One of the women from my ttc thread had brown spotting from 5-8 weeks and she's now going on 12, had an ultrasound and everything is fine. I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow and my spotting started right after 6 weeks.


Jenduck - October 14

Hi Kay101, Have you had any pain in your left ovary area? Has anyone else? It feels like a muscle pull/spasm...different from the cramping of the uterus growing.


kay101 - October 14

No. I've occa__sionally gotten sharp pains if I stand up to fast, once when I sneezed, and once when I turned over in bed. I had them with my daughter too, but it's from the ligaments stretching and it alternates sides.


GimmeaBub - October 14

Hey girls, spotting is still continuing not as much as yesterday very very light more yellow now. I havnt had cramps, the only cramps i have had are wind cramps and i end up pa__sing wind and feeling much better. As far as any signs, still my b___sts are still swollen bu not as sore, I was so dizzy and sick last night i threw up twice. And once early this morning i felt like i had been heavily drinking. I am going to the dr today, gunna see if beans levels have risen i find out at 4:30 and i feel like crying this seems such an emotional rollercoaster. Also Jenduck i was told that your preggo symtpoms come and go for some reason i think it's because your body is all over the place horones are changing things, growing things, ect, i would not stress alot of girls here will tell you you lose your symptoms on and off. Anyway Let you guys know my results. Baby Juice


GimmeaBub - October 14

Just letting you all know i got a feeling I am miscarrying the flow is getting heavier i feel really light headed, the dr said I might be ok, but i dunno i doubt it my senses are saying otherwise. He said if I am miscarrying I will get me to have a D&C straight away, He said I will be really fertile afterwards and will probably Concieve really quickly. Thanks for all your support Girls. Baby Juice


kay101 - October 14

Is it still brown? I've been dizzy off and on also. Have you ever had a c-section before? I seem to be noticing that a lot of women had no spotting with pregnancy, then had spotting with pregnancies following c-sections, although everything turned out fine. I don't think you would need a d&c since you are so early on unless your doctor has other reasons to reccomend it.


kay101 - October 14

Try staying off your feet. Go to the couch or bed, prop your feet up, rest, and drink lots of water


jen23 - October 15

hi gimmeabub i had brown spotting with my second baby and it was scary... i got in touch with my midwife and went for a scan and everything was fine... my little girl is two now so try not to worry too much... good luck and keep in touch


tish212 - October 15

first off u are all in my prayers... gimmeabub...relax I know that's hard to do..but as u can see spotting can be normal... ad as stated above...stay off ur feet for a while...take it easy...and u have to stay calm stressing is bad for the baby...I have high hopes that ur lo is ok.... as well as the rest of u ladies.... gl andkeep us posted....hugs


cynnababy - October 15

GimmeaBub, good luck, and i hope the brown spotting will go away, and your bub is doing well in there, tucking in! Please keep us posted, and you and your bub will be in my prayers!


kay101 - October 16

Let us know how things go. I've had brown spotting for over a week and it came back today with a dull pain on my right side a little above the groin area. I finally got to get an ultrasound and I'm measuring at 7 weeks 2 days, a day ahead of schedule, and the baby has a heartbeat of 156bpm. Spotting isn't always bad, especially if it's brown. My nurse said the blood vessels in your cervix are so full and sensitive that you could sneeze too hard and start bleeding. I thought you might find a bit of peace in hearing a positive story, and I hope yours turns out the same way.


Elisabeth S - October 16

hey gimme dying to know how you are doing I've been thinking of you...wishing you the best, I hope it is just something normal...just remember how many women say they had bleeding during preg.....let us know, your'e in my prayers, I know how much you wanted this....



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