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jenny31052 - February 19

Well, I'm just 10 weeks pregnant, and really really tired right now.... I'm working 2 part time jobs, one from home, which I love and the other one at a retail store that is open late. Also, I'm in college part time, but schedule to take 2 classes next semester. I feel a little overwhelmed right now, I feel like I cannot do everything the way I wanted, I'm tired and unsure on what to do. I do not like the retail job. Co-workers and managers sucks, they never asked about my health, and actually looked disappointed when I told them. Between working the 2 jobs less than 8 hours of sleep each night. Plus I'm working 7 days a week... My education is very important, and I will not quit college, but at this moment I would like to leave my retail job. Last night I went to work crying, and I tomorrow I don't feel like going at all..I would lke just call and tell them that I cannot longer keep up with my current schedule. I know that all this stress is not good for me, neither for teh baby. I'm always irritated and I don't have time to sit down and relax anymore. Before getting pregnant it was hard, but managable, now I feel like I need to slow down a bit. I feel like I should quit the retail job, since is the most stressful, and the environment is not the best, but I'm not sure what to do, and I would like to hear some advice...


Kristin72 - February 19

I completely understand how you feel. I think it may be wise to cutback on your retail job if you can afford it. When and if you feel better in your second trimester maybe you could pick up another retail type job. In these early stages rest is possibly what you need and the added stress is not good for you or the baby. I say keep your home job and your school. The retail job can wait. Your baby is most important right now. You wouldn't want to regret anything later


wunder75 - February 20

hi jenny. i'm so sorry about all this stress. you're right, though. it's not good for you or the baby. and as you get further along, being on your feet will be tougher. if you can meet your financial obligations without that second job, I say quit it. If you can't, that will only cause more (and different) stress, but perhaps there's another job you could do, instead of retail. good luck!


clindholm - February 20

Jenny- Congrats on your pregnancy! I know that retail is a very difficult and physically taxing job even while not pregnant. I agree that you should either quit or explain to them that you need to reduce your hours. It is hard to be on your feet and running especially in your first trimester. I hope you are able to afford to leave this job and continue your education. Most women feel better in the second trimester, but the fatigue returns in the third trimester. Do what is best for you and your baby.



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