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SMILES - April 14



bump - April 15



Beth - April 15

I'm wondering something similair. My MD won't see me until I do a HPT b/c the sympotms I have all point to being pregnant (nausea, fatigue) but I've had my PERIOD. I hear it's possible esp if you got pregnant on the pill( I missed a day early March yet still take it each day).


confused - April 15

i'm wondering the same thing. my hb & I are trying to get pregnant, i thought i was, but i got my period 3 days early and i took an ept that was -... but i honestly felt like i was.... good luck to anyone trying


confused - April 20

Well i don't know if i'm pregnant or not but i had my last normal period March 7 and my period was supposed to be here on the 4 of april it was late today is the 20 and i have had some light bleeding not enough to soak a pad or anything i notice a lot in the toilet when i use the bath room but that's basically it and i have some mild cramping. Could I be pregnant?


Lynn - April 21

I was wondering the same thing. My last normal period was in Jan. Each month since, my period has been 1 day less than the last and about 1/2 the volume. Since Feb., I have been tired, urinating a lot, had mild nausea on and off, b___sts have gone from a 34c to a 36d (although the left one seems to be growing faster than the right), veins everywhere (most of which were definately not there before), more cm than usual, and a swollen abdomen (right under the navel-I've had to wear materity jeans since I was 11wks). I also haven't ovulated since Feb. and my normally standoffish cat has become a mush. All urine tests have been neg. I went to the OBGYN when I would have been about 10 wks, but she said everything was normal and I wasn't pregnant. Since what has been happening is NOT normal, I think she doesn't know what she is talking about. Unfortunately, many obgyns automatically believe you are not pregnant if you are having periods and getting negative urine tests. From what I've read in this forum so far, MANY women NEVER get a positive urine test even when they are pregnant. And I know at least one of my relatives had periods throughout her entire pregnancy. I'm going to go to another obgyn to get a second opinion. I'm just trying to decide how much longer to wait to rpove without a doubt I'm pregnant.


bump - April 24



Tammy - April 24

I am pregnant, and still having my period! 3 days of a normal bleeding and then 3 days of spotting. I've had 4 positive home test and I am going to go hear the heart beat this coming wed. I am about 10 weeks! Good luck girls!


lynn - June 4

I took a cheap pregnancy test yesterday and it came back positive, my bf told me to go buy an ept which i did and it came back positive as well, I would only be about 2 weeks pregnant, is it normal to still have my period now if i am?


Melissa - June 4

My friend was 9 months pregnant...and DID NOT KNOW . She had her periods every months and gained weight (but she used to gain and loose weight). She says she did not observ herself in the mirror. She was out of town with her daughter and went to the hospital because of belly achs at midnight. When she opened her legs, she was dilated at 10 centimeters...he husband was back home and did not make it. She had a 8pounds6onces baby boy on Good Friday, a miracle baby. We are still in disbeleif.


jay - June 4

Great story Melissa! Wow, 9 months pregnant and didn't know. Didn't anyone notice her stomach? What about movements or kicks? This is hard to believe. I am happy to hear that everything worked out. baby Dust


Melissa - June 4

Hi Babydust A couple of people had noticed she was gaining weight, but it had hapenned in the past that she had gained 15 pounds. I heard that in some pregnancies, the baby mooves at night, that might have been the case for her. She says she really did not notice anything,...keep in mind her periods came everymonth. I am very happy that her baby is health cause I remember her drinking a little.... He is now 2 months and 15 pounds. I, myself is pregnant for the first time...we only tried one month. I thinkg I am still in shock, but very happy. AM stuggling with my boyfriend who does not want me to tell people yet.........


cindy - June 5

smiles- it is normal to have light periods in the first trimester, it shouldn't be a heavy period though. My mom had her period for three months while pregnant with me. So it's definately possible to have your period and be pregnant. But you need to go to the doctor to confirm your pregnancy.


jay - June 5

Thanks melissa! I had the opposite problem. I wanted to wait to tell people until I was 4 months along. In case of lost. My DH told everyone a day later. Don't worry about your boyfriend. He is probably still in shock. GL


britnee - July 12

i have a question can people still have there period if they are pregnant beucase just just got off my period like 2 weeks o r 3 weeks ago and i just stared again like 3 or 4 days ago b___t i dont know if i am pregnant or not beucase i started my period so if any one knows please please please....................... HELP me thank you


brittnee - July 14

dose any body eve answer any body ???s i really need help


K - July 14

Hunny, if you think your pregnant or are pregnant (bfp etc.) and your bleeding like you describe, you need to go to your dr's and get you hcg levels checked and make sure the pregnancy is ok. Hope you get what your looking for.



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