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isthisreallyhappening? - September 26

Hi i am only 7 weeks and we are not telling anyone but I am a talker and NEED to talk to someone!!! I feel like c__p everyday a different c__ppy feeling. Can't stop crying and today my belly hurts up at the top. Can anyone just talk to me. i want to be excited but honestly this sucks!!


kay101 - September 26

Yes, it does suck unfortunately :( The good news is it will probably go away in a few weeks. If you want to tell me all your c___ppy feelings, I'd be happy to let you know any way I know to make them a bit better.


sarah21 - September 27

You came to the right place to vent. Most of us have felt the totally c___ppy that you're feeling. It made me wonder why so many people want to get pregnant, and intentionally get pregnant, hehe. I started feeling a lot better at 10 weeks, so you're almost there. But it feels like you feel c___ppy forEVER, doesn't it? I still have a hard time getting excited, but it's easier when you feel better. Your good days are coming soon!! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Cevvin - September 27

C___ppy feeling is like my middle name right now. I just had a baby in March. She just turned 6 months. And im 10 weeks pregnant. Before i found out, i said i wouldn't mind having another baby. But then i forgot how i felt when i was pregnant in the beginning. I have every pregnancy symptom in the book times 2. But trust me the end product is AMAZING!!! i just have to keep telling myself that this time!! Good Luck and Congratulations


BrendensMommy - September 28

I hear you on that "forgetting how I felt" with the first pregnancy, Cevvin. I must have had a mental block! BUT, now that I'm about 11 weeks, most of the symptoms have improved. That's the good news, isthisreally... I just have to keep thinking of that little baby when I get to bring him/her home. It helps to have my son at home, everytime he smiles at me, it makes everything I went through worth it... There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel as Sarah said! Trust me, we've all been there!!!


erenimi - September 28

I agree with the suckiness. I keep asking myself what i was thinking doing this again? lol. I know the end result will be great and worth it, but somehow my memory of it wasn't nearly as bad as the real thing. My labor memories however, may be worse...



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