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Pamela11 - June 16

I hate to be a bother but I need advice from some pf you pg ladies. I went to the dr. yesterday to get a blood hcg test done because I think that I am pg. Well my level was 5.8 which to my understanding is 2 days and 1 week gestentenial age. My dr. (who I am switching) wasn't much help and couldn't give me a definite answer. Please can someone tell me their thoughts or better yet if anyone knows anything about early pg levels of hcg? Thankyou in advance.


Lala - June 16

that's a hard one! Less than 5 means not pregnant. If you're af is just now due, you could be pregnant, and just now starting to build up the hCG. WHEN IS YOU AF DUE? The ohter thing is you could have had a chemical pregnancy (very early loss), and the hCG is just not quite gone. The only thing to do is have your level checked again 2 days after that one. If you have a healthy pregnancy (if pregnant at all) the number will have a least doubled. Then you'll know. best to you, and let me know.


Lala - June 16

oh, the other thing is my level was 426 at one day late. (but that can vary quite a bit).


Lala - June 19

Well, any updates? Are you pregnant?


Pamela11 - June 19

Hey Lala! Thanks for your response. Well BFP today!!!! I have a drs. appointment on Wed. to see where everything is at. I am so excited! Again thanks.


Lala - June 19

CONGRATS! How many dpo are you?


Pamela11 - June 20

I am 13dpo. I took 2 tests just to confirm and they were both BFP! I hope everything goes well. I have been having AF like symptoms....especially in my lower back. Do you think that is anything to be concerned about? Also I have lotion like cm...pretty heavy at times. I heard thats normal though. Is it?


Lala - June 20

All sounds normal to me! I had the af-type cramps early on, and still do once in awhile. It's often the very first sign of pregnancy. Actually when I had it at work all day on 12 dpo it's what prompted me to take a test that night. Dark BFP! And many say that they get the lotion-like CM too. So, you had that blood test on what dpo? I would bet it was the same day you implanted since the hCG was just then starting to build up.



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