Needing Bigger Clothes Already

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kristi - May 1

Anyone else needing bigger clothes already. I am 11 weeks and can't fit into anything. My belly is starting to protrude a little but it seems like everything I try on fits so different now. Anyone else having this problem or is it just me?


jodie - May 2

I am 11 weeks too. Same situation. Its frusterating because I am not big enough for maternity clothes, but my clothes just arn't comfortable at all. I just feel fat not pregnant. I went shopping today and just bought some new jeans a size bigger to make me feel a little more comfy for awhile. Good luck!!


minx - May 2

I'm almost 12 weeks. But felt my middle area expand from week 9!! So, I need to go shopping pronto! I think I'll go for cute oversized summer dresses I can mix with my cardigans if it gets a bit cool. Or buy something you can mix and match later on after the baby's born and before you get your old shape back ( if ever). Something flexible and not just a size or 2 bigger--unless you want to look like an elephant or a big barrell :). When the belly starts protruding...that part of the clothing has to have space.


Amy - May 2

I am 12 weeks right now. I have given in to buying maternity pants, shorts and capris. You can buy them in the size you wear now...they just have the stretchy waist band. They are still a little big in the waist, but the joy of not having anything tight around my mid-section has been wonderful!! I have had "the pooch" for a few weeks. But, mainly, I just can't have anything tight around my waist. It just feels too uncomfortable. So, even though they may be a little baggy...once you buy the stretchy maternity shorts and pants, you will feel so great! Of course, I am still in all of my own shirts. I won't be in maternity shirts for quite a while, I imagine. Best of luck to everyone!


Chris - May 2

I am only 10 weeks and my belly is rounding out alot. I feel soo fat... expecially with tight clothes. I bought a few new items. DRAW STRING..... they will keep us going for a while! :)


Jo - May 2

Hell girls I'm just 8 weeks and I already need bigger clothes. Wonderin if this means twins or not


Ca__sie - May 2

I'm at 9 weeks and have that "pooch" too already. I can't fit into my pants anymore, and so I have to keep the top b___ton open... how embarra__sing. I don't think it necessarily means you're pregant with twins either. Sometimes those with twins show earlier, but also, if you are in your second, third, etc. pregnancy, you will show sooner too. I'm in my first pregnancy and actually am showing... but I'm pretty sure I'll find out next Monday that I'm a singleton mom.


Kathy - May 2

I am 7 Weeks and my pants are tight but my tummy isn't that round so I am going to buy the maternity pants that look like regular jeans and have an adjustable band inside. They are suppose to be great of 0-6 month .


Katie - May 2

I turned 11 weeks on sat and went shopping for maternity clothes and this is my 1st preg. I bought them a little big so i don't grow out of them but i also bought the kind that go under your belly instead of over, they,re working out good. I bought them at old navy


JC - May 2

If any of you are on a budget, sometimes kids consignment shops have a section of maternity clothes. I haven't bought any yet but I've poked around and there are some great buys. I hate paying a lot when I will only wear them a year max.



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