Neg Result Still Pregnant

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fander - July 16

Has anyone ever had a negative hpt, and still be pregnant? Last normal per. 5-22.On 6-20 bleed for 2 days, but light. I 'm usually with AF for 6 or 7 days, never in 16 years ha it been less. Retest in 8 days.


DB - July 16

Um, I hate to say it, but I kind of doubt it. There could be other factors going on, but if it's been almost a month since your last period then you should get a bfp by now. if you have a lighter period it could be due to something else, I think if your estrogen is low then your lining doesn't build up as much and thus you have a ligher af. You should request a blood test to be absolutely sure. Good luck.


fander - July 16

On 6-7, I fainted after getting out of the tanning bed.Went to dr. next day. All blood work normal.Didn't do blood test per dr.(no insurance, he was trying to keep my bill small!!)He said he couldn't figure out why I fainted, and said it would all be explained if I was pregnant. The 2 days I bled, mild cramping, no other pms signs. Normally cramps keep me out of work the first day of AF. If AF shows, it should be in 3 days. If not, back to the dr on the 24th.


fander - July 20

Guess who hasn't shown up? AF!Don't know what's up now. Re-check on Monday seems years from now.( I originally went in to get a check up and get on b/c. )Another dumb question. I go to the health dept. for exams, should I just make an appt. at an ob/gyn to confirm or deny a preg., or are they good enough?(Certified registered nurse, i think.)Not to discredit the nurses, I just don't know. Thanks!!! ( :


Natpink - July 21

Yes im 10 weeks pregnant, I did 3 tests 1 a week the first 2 tests came out negative and then a bfp on my 3rd. I just think you need to be patient, cause on many occasions it may be to early to test. good luck


sanya12 - July 24

nat pink.... im 2 weeks 4 days late... ive had many neg. hpts.... but im never late so im freaking out.....


angelinakai - July 24

i've heard many many times of women being pg and not getting a bfp until a week or 2 after AF was due. I've heard of it taking even a couple of months, but that is rare. Don't give up. you know your own body and if something is different.


fander - July 24

Well, AF showed on the 22nd.(Due on 19th)But it still isn't like a period.(Mine at least.)It seems like it's almost like the blood from a cut, not menstrual blood.(TMI) Went back to health dept. for appt. and because all my tests were ok,(PAP)to start me on b/c to regulate my per. Didn't even ge to talk to her, story relayed from nurse.(They wouldn't even bother to read my chart to see why I was back. Part of story always lost as I went from person to person.)What are periods like while preg?Confused because not ttc and not wanting to be preg. now.BUT would still be great.(:


Sonrisa - July 25

Yes, I had a blood test and got a negative result then a week later on a home HPT test I got a faint line. Then another blood test that came out positive. Sometimes it is too early.


Sonrisa - July 25

That sound like you had a late ovulation and then a heavier period. That has happened to me. It can be caused by stress.


crystal74 - July 25

fander, u shouldn't get periods when your pregnant. maybe spotting. i've had those abnormal periods before and birth control should regulate it. also if you work out or stress, this could be delaying your periods. lots of things could be the factor. if it's on-going then you should definetly talk to your obgyn about it. hopefully b/c will regulate you. good luck


hannah01 - July 27

Hi Fander, I have had this happen yes. I had a miscarriage yesterday at just under 6 weeks. Right up until about 4 days ago I tested negative on HPT's. I tried every brand and probably did at least 20 tests. I finally convinced my dr. to give me a bloodtest and it turned out I was pregnant.


fander - July 30

Well, I bled for two days, nothing on the third day at all,(not even a spot) then brown spotting for 3 days. I don't know. I've NEVER had two periods in a row so messed up. I got b/c when I went to the dr. but I wanted to wait, just in case. If my next one is still weird, I'll go back to the dr. The strangest thing is, not once since my last normal period(5-22-06), have I had sore b___sts which was always a sign of AF. Who knows.


fander - July 30

The one thing I noticed about my b___sts are that the nipples and areola are different.More Montgomery's Tubercules and little white spots that look like a zit, but aren't.I've also noticed more veins under areola. (Can see veins on top of skin like on hands, but not as bad.)My b___sts are a little more full, but no weight gain. Any ideas?


hannah01 - July 30

Hi Fander, I would treat your body as though you are pregnant until you've had a blood test done. It is so uncommon to NOT test positive on an HPT if you are pregnant - but I know from my experience it's possible. So just play it safe until you know for sure.



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