Neg Urine Test And Still Pregnant

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alicia - December 21

I was just wondering if anyone was getting negative urine tests at 8-10 weeks late but still actually been pregnant?Im going nuts. going to the clinic thursday. Havnt had a period since October 4th. Had slight spotting with my discharge, once in the middle of november, and once last week, however last weeks was brown instead of pink. I have a lot of discharge like when you're ovulating but its been for several weeks now. I dont know what to think. I figured i'd ask those of you who are pregnant for your opinions. I had a lil bit of nausia but not alot and i havnt had it in about 2 weeks or so. headaches...and i have this weird pain in my stomahc right around my belly button where it feels like a gnawing pain or like something just pressing or rubbing on it. i know wierd. i dont know if something is just wrong with me or not. lol. going a tad bit nuts figured any opinion would help. thanks


angela randolph - December 21

no if you are not pregnant you are just wishful and are making your body feel like it is the mind is a powerful thing when you want or believe somethin


alicia - December 21

i understand where your coming from but with me ill except it either way...we wernt trying or were planning on trying anytime soon. we're in the middle of trying to find a house and im in college. people said stress but iv been more stressed than this and its never been almost three months late.


shan - December 29

Talk to your doctor, its the only way you'll know for sure


Barbe Jenkins - January 3

I am having a lot of the same symptoms and am not sure if I am either or not, yet I still had negative urine tests. I am going to the doctor today to take a blood test which is less expensive than an ultrasound and will let you know for sure. So, maybe you should do that so you don't drve yourself crazy...



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