Negative Blood Test But I Still Feel Pregnant Has Anyone E

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kate - November 15

i have just had a negative blood tese result from the doctor, but i still feel pregnant. everyone keeps telling me that i know my own body, and to push for a scan, but i don't want to get my hopes up. has anyone else had same experience and gone on to have a healthy baby?


h - November 16

how late r u? i felt pregnant many times and was never pregnant. the blood test is very reliable. when i finally got pregnant i took a blood test that came back positive and i wasn't even late. i miscalculated the days and I was two days from having my period and it came back positive. I'm sorry but i don't think you're pregnant


Jana - November 20

I had a negative blood test (wednesday) and just had a positive urine test today....


m - November 21

Like h said, blood tests are reliable. However, there are 2 types. If yours came back "negative", it sounds like you had a qualitative, which means it tells you neg or pos, instead of your actual count. In other words, if that "bar" is set at 10 mIU, then if you have 9, it will say neg, even though you actually are pregnant. You should have a quant_tative blood test. That will tell you exactly how much hcg, if any, you have in your system. good luck.


Jana - November 24

I have an update; five days after I had blood drawn for my blood test that came up negative (<5), I had blood drawn again and the blood test was positive (128). Yes these were both quant_tative blood tests. So it is possible to test negative and then positive....


j - November 26

how late were you though at each test?


Jana - November 27

First date was the day my period was due, and then five days later... not particularly late at all...


bump - December 17



T - December 17

Jana thank you for that information, i myself and am having that same problem now,, was told under 5. I am going back to another doctor next week!


Lisa - December 18

I had a negative 'Yes or No' blood test last week. But two days ago I tested faintly positive on an hpt. I had an ultrasound done yesterday, and won't know the results until my appt. with my doctor on Monday. I am a nervous wreck! The tech who did the us wasn't SUPPOSED to say anything one way or the other, but she goes and tells me that she didn't 'see' anything. I called my doctor's office and told them this, and the nurse I spoke with was very upset with that. She said that the tech should not have said anything one way or the other, and that the Doctor will look at the pictures more closely and is more qualified to say what she does or doesn't see. Has anyone else ever gone through something like this? I don't understand how I can test pos on an hpt and not be pregnant. The second line showed up within the first minute - so I am taking that as a 'True' positive. Oh well, I guess I just have to wait until Monday to know for sure.


Michelle - January 5

I am also having this problem, I feel so pregnant, but the results are telling me I'm not. I think I went to the doctor too early because I just get so excited when I think that me and my husband might be having our first child. I am trying to get my nerve up to just buy one more at home test to see. I just dont want to spend the money and find out I'm just going crazy and Im not pregnant. I just really hope I am.


c - January 6

I'm experiencing the same thing. This is my second pregnancy and all the symptoms feel very similar to my first one except that my at home test was negative today. This is the day I should have started my period. Have any of you had negative at home tests until you took it later?



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