Negative Test Please Help

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Lily - August 5

I have been lurking around the forums for a while and I really need some help because I am very confused. If I am pregnant I would be in my 10th week I believe because my conception date would have been either June 10th or 12th. I have taken several HPTs but they were all negative. I did have one that looked to be a faint positive, however maybe it was an evaporation line? And then the next day I took another one and it looked like it was an error because I had one full line then only half of a second line. My periods are irregular as it is, but I haven't had one for a couple months now. A few weeks after what may have been the conception date I had light brown/pink spotting for just one day, which I have never had anything like that before. A few weeks after that I started feeling twitches/minor aches in my lower abdomen, but they weren’t like cramps at all. I haven’t been nauseas except for one time I got really sick the day after I drank (didn’t cross my mine I could even be pregnant at that point) and I hadn’t drank enough to even get sick but I was so sick that every time I moved I felt like I was going to throw up. I have been getting headaches almost every day and have been bloated since the middle of June. I have also felt dizzy. The dizziness has only been really bad once, but it is pretty light the rest of the time. I am overweight so I can’t tell if my stomach is growing, but my pants feel tighter even though I have only gained 2 pounds, and these are pants that I wore before I lost 30 pounds. My br___t also look veinier than usual and they seem bigger, although maybe this is just in my head. Has anyone else had this type of experience? Any suggestions besides the obvious go to the doctor? I would really appreciate it. Thank You!


? - August 5

We are pretty same. Considering the experiences of negative HPTs and blood tests and being pregnant, I would recommend you to ask for v____al ultrasound. I will have one next week just to avoing this waiting game that is killing me. BABY DUST to you and please let us know on your outcomes.


Lily - August 5

Let me know your outcome too "?" I would really like to know what happens. I wish you luck and lots of baby dust next week!


Nena - August 5

Lily, we are in a pretty same situation. I will tell you briefly. 31 May my LMP, 18 June ovulation, 2,3-4 July brown spotting only when I wiped, 5 July Beta HCG 1.7, 18 July v____al ultrasound, shadow seen in 3mm diameter suspected pregnancy, 23 v____al ultrasound shadow seen 5mm but in a very irregular shape and doctor told me that 90% it's not pregnancy when asking what it is she wasn't very clear saying that it could be this it could be that however I waited for 10 more days and I had another abdominal ultrasound to the worst doctors in my place as all doctors are in leave this time, and she told me that because you are obesed I can't figure it out but as far I can see there is no sign of pregnancy just a shadow outside of the uterus which she is not sure what it is. I had my HSG done with clear tubes on 11 May and there is no chance to have ectopic pregnancy. Honestly i didn't took her opinion very seriously that is why I wil schedule another v____al ultrasound after 10th of August, this time to the best doctor for reading the us. Although I gave up of pregnancy, considering my negative HPTs I still have a strange feeling inside me. I am very sensitive to children lately if I see them crying I will cry with them even if I don't know them at all, this is very strange with me because even though I am on TTC for 5 years I never realised children around me. Last night me and my hubby we bought bread and I noticed myself holding the bread in the car like you hold a baby!!! And i said to myself what this is? I am tired of doctors and of situation, I will take leave now and relax because at some point I think it is all in our heads. I believe very much in God and if we aren't pregnant it's not the moment when the moment come we will be pregnant, maybe when we don't expect at all. I am sending to you my warmest BABY DUST*****


jb - August 5

A positive is a positive even if it is faint or a partial line. Go to the doctor and have a blood test done, then you will know for sure. Good luck!



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