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Ella82 - January 13

Nerissa i got it!! I got my bfp, i am 4wks 5days today, i finally gave in and tested check out the pic on my FF site home/ella822. Thank you so much for your great support and friendship over the past couple of months xxxx


jessicaspatherapist - January 13

wow, congrats ella! so happy for you....sorry to jump in on riss's thread!!!! welcome to the 1st trimester!!!! buckle your seatbelt!


Ella82 - January 13

Hi thanks Jessica i feel so lucky and blessed to be on here again so soon i had my m/c not even 10wks ago. I feel so positive about this one already!


jessicaspatherapist - January 13

oh wow....10 ago that is quick. so happy for you and your dh and his kids (i looked at your page, you're gonna have an adorable baby!)


stefkay - January 13

Sorry to b___t in too, but I want to say Congratulations Ella!!! I've seen your posts since I came on this site and am so happy that you got your BFP! Good luck and take it easy :-)


Ella82 - January 13

Thanks you girls. stefkay yes i am going to take it easy this time round. I was so stressed and worried last time, i just want to keep the positive vibes going!!


krnj - January 13

Congrats to you!! :)


riss - January 14

Better late than never Ella, here I am. Sorry again for not seeing your post. And your very welcome for the support and friendship. I got it from you and the other girls and it still surprises me how much a care about the girls on here. It will be nice to have your company through the next 8 - 9 months. I look forward to talking about names and scans and feeling the baby move etc with you. Big hugs from me. I yelled out to my dh when i found out you got your BFP and said...'Ella the other Aussie is pregnant' I think he thinks i am a nut, but at the same time is very interested, often come in and says...'so any one pg today'. Anyway, for about the 3rd time, contratulations....wait till the other girls find out on their monday (our Tuesday) Layni will be sooo excited for you. Hey must have been that relaxing holiday you had. Did you go to the new water park? Hope you didn't do any crazy stuff...haha.


Ella82 - January 14

LOL Riss funny you should mention rides i was constantly thinking what if i'm pregnant? I didnt go on any upside down roller coasters or anything only went on stuff that the boys could handle, we didnt go to the new waterpark we went to movie word, seaworld twice and wet n wild twice i did go on their new slide Tornado that was pretty crazy! Anyways i'll see you on the big O 2ww thread!


L1NDZ - January 15

YAY ELLA!!!!! I am soo happy for you and your dh!! Happy healthy 9 months to you!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!



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