Nervous Is It Normal To Get Cramps

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Jill531 - November 6

Hello, I just found out I am preg. What gave it away was about 2 weeks ago...the symptoms and no af on Oct 25th. I am feeling a bit nervous becasue of (knock on wood) I had 2 m/c last year. So now I am really nervous and can admit, everytime I go to the BathR I look for blood! I know its crazy but i am scared! Though I notice that this preg feels better than the last 2. Is it normal to get cramps? I have small cramps, once in awhile there is slight pain, but the cramps mostly come if i have to go pee(sorry lol).


sarah21 - November 6

Yep the cramps are totally normal. I would cramp almost as badly as if my period was coming. It'll last for quite a while, too. Don't worry, it'll all work out. Unfortunately, you'll probably never quit worrying. I'm still worried at 20 weeks and I've never miscarried before. :)


newlywed0915 - November 6

Congrats on your pregnancy!!! slight cramping is normal. The OB told me that if you miscarry or are starting to, you'll notice the difference in pain for cramps. Normal cramps come with the uterus stretching and growing. Anything that makes you double over or want to cry is more likely to be a miscarriage, but you just never know. I'm sorry for your previous miscarriages. Just take it easy and try not to stress too much. As long as you don't start bleeding heavily after horrible cramping, I think you'll be okay. I'm 8 weeks and still afraid of a miscarriage. I think ALL expectant mothers have that fear contantly hanging over their heads.


Rainbowbrite - November 6

Yes it is very normal to still get cramps!!!! I was the same way so i know where you're coming from. I called my doctor alot and she was so helpful. She said cramping is fine as long as you're not like doubled over because of the pain and that there is no blood. Congratulations on your pregnancy and just to warn you.... you constantly worry about something while being pregnant! =)


fefer1 - November 6

yes, cramping is normal. For nearly the entire first tri with my dd I had period like cramps off and on and sometimes quite a bit. Totally normal! Don't worry too much about it -


sashasmama - November 6

Hey Jill. Same story over here, 2 miscarriages in the past 7 months...Pregnant again...every time I wipe I take a breath before looking. I was getting little cramps too and of course was freaking out, I got them when I had to pee and sometimes they would be pulling pains on both sides. I was scared...because I didn't think the uterus is growing all that much why should there be any ligament pain, right?



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