Nervous First Timer Looking For A 5 6 Week Buddy

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Angela (aka no patience!) - April 9

I'm a VERY nervous first timer about 5/6 weeks along. OMG I'm crazy with this. I'm already freaking out over every little thing. I can't imaging going through this for nine months, so I'm looking for someone(s) going through the same, so we can commiserate.


Dawn - April 9

Hi I am also a first timer and I am 7 weeks. I worry about every ache and pain! How are you feeling? I have really bad all day sickness, really sore b___bs and I am getting sick of using the toilet!


Angela - April 10

Hey Dawn!! I'm glad to meet another nervous nilly out there. My symptoms are very mild which MAKES ME NERVOUS. I ONLY have some lower abdominal cramping, somewhat tingly b___bs and frequent urination. I know all of this is normal (the uterus is stretching, etc etc), so I freak out when I am not cramping. Thinking, "WHY, why did it stop?" We won't talk about the nausea. I don't have it, and I read somewhere that there is less of a chance of miscarriage when you DO have nausea. I am fully aware that this is crazy, but it doesn't stop me. AND now I'm only on week 6. I can't imagine going through this for 34 more.


Dawn - April 10

Hi Angela. How are you feeling today? I am feeling pretty sick. I think its b/c I am hungry but I can't eat or I gag. I have to eat every three hours or I get sick. I hope this doesn't last my whole pregnancy! As for cramps, I have been getting them on and off and like you I get freaked out. I hope everything goes well for us!!


Angela - April 10

You know what... I KNOW it will go well for us. I'm still going to worry though. I'm sorry that you feel so sick. I hear that it goes away after the first trimester. Do you have saltines around? I'm REALLY tired today. if I've been drugged. And some cramping. Have you been to the doctor yet? I'm going for the first time Tuesday the 12th. Keep me posted!!!!!


Michele - April 10

Hey ladies!!! I'm also a first timer. Going on my 6th week. But I'm in the same boat as you Angela, some lower abdominal c___ping, & slight soreness in the b___sts. And I also worry a lot since I haven't had any morning sickness yet but my doc told me that its totally normal not to have sickness but its good that there is some hormonal change in my body. Congrats girls!


Dawn - April 10

Well ilive in B.C and i went to the dr to confirm but i dont go again until may 16th for my 12 week. Its kinda frustrating. Where are you from? Hi MIchelle, thanks for joining. If i can ask how old are you girls? I am 20 and i think that may be why i am so paranoid!


Angela - April 10

Welcome Michele. Are you the Michele from the Alison's Waiting Buddy string? I'm glad your doctor told you that it is totally normal. Dawn, there are some very good aspects to being so young and pregnant. Your body will bounce back that much quicker. AND I LOVE Canada. I am 27, and I currently live in NY. I'm a teacher in NYC. I haven't been to the doc AT ALL yet. Wish me luck Tuesday. Maybe I'll chill out after I go. I may not be able to write again until then (schedule is pretty crazy on Mondays). Good luck ladies!!!!!


Sheena - April 10

Hi Angela and Dawn... I am 7 weeks and a bit and freaking out completely with this pregnancy after miscarrying in August. Everything makes me nervous. I also had quite a bit of complications in the beginning but it seems as though things are getting better. I am experiencing just about every symptom there is with pregnancy, sore b___bs, back, cramping, sickness, tiredness and on and on... This will be my first child if all goes well and am Due around November 24th... the date has been changed twice for me. I am 27 and live in Ontario.... I want to congratulate you all and hope that all goes well... Hope you don't mind me joining in on your string here.... need people who are in the same boat as me to talk to!


Christy - April 10

Hi, Angela. I am 7w1d with first child and I cannot wait to be done with the first trimester. I hear that the second trimester is a nice time in the pregnancy, but the third is downright uncomfortable and nerve-racking. I don't know, I think the first trimester is scary becasue you think everything is a potential miscarraige. I have worried about why I am cramping or have morning sickness one day and feel great the next. I kind of started to relax about things on Friday and am trying to resign myself to the "what will be, will be" att_tude. I gotta say, I feel better. . .although I am still waiting to tell everyone until week 13. I guess I am still little superst_tious. It's nice to know that we are not alone, though. Take care. :)


Michele - April 10

Angela, no im not that michele. I go back to the doctor May 3rd which will make me in my 9th week. I'm so excited!! Dawn I'm also very paranoid, b/c I'm just as young as you. I'm 19 and I live in PA although when i deliver I'll be 20 like a week later. I'm due Dec 5 and my bday is Dec 18. But I too also think about a potential miscarraige but my mom told me not to stress about that b/c it can have an effect on the baby, so I've been really good about that lately. I guess it's just the fact that I'm in my 6th week and that's said to be one of the most crucial weeks. But the way I look at everything is "everything happens for a reason". Good Luck ladies!


Chrissy - April 10

Hi! I am so glad that there are other nervous nellies out there! I'm in my 5th week and I've been having lower abdominal cramps and back morning sickness yet. I'm scheduled for my first fetal sonigram in 2 weeks and I am convinced that I will have worried myself crazy by then. It's like I need rea__surance everyday that everything is okay!


Angela - April 12

Welcome all. I go to the doctor for the first time tonight... I hope this alleviates some worries. First full day of morning sickness yesterday.. and I mean FULL DAY. ...hmmm.. I think I could have lived without it. Good luck to all. I have to get to my kiddies.


Janette - April 12

Hi! Aw, you sound just like I was w/ my 1st pg. I was nervous about every little twitch, cramp, feeling in my b___sts, etc. I was worried b/c I didn't have morning sickness, then when it finally hit I was glad! LOL! Then if it would go away for a day or 2 I would FREAK OUT and cry about it. I wish I had known better :) If I could give you one piece of advice about pregnancy, it's that there's no constant. Just wait until you feel the baby move! I thought that would be rea__suring for me (and it was) but there would be days when my son would just be so sleepy and barely move and I would freak out about that!! Well, he's a happy, healthy little 8 month old now :) I know it's so much easier said then done, but try to relax and enjoy everyday of this precious time in your life. :)


Angela - April 12

Thank you Jeanette!!!! Your words are very helpful because today... no sickness, and of course, I'm wondering... why? ugh... Anyway... my doc. appointment tonight was CANCELLED and rescheduled for the 25th. :( I just need to chill out. I'm glad I have fellow crazies here. :)


Lise - April 13

Hi girls, I'm joining you from Vietnam!and just reading this as I'm 9 weeks and none of my girlfriends are pregnant here (well in england but they are too far away!) I just want to say, remember that the baby will feel all that you feel.. try and stay cool and happy, as that little baby will appreciate the good feelings.. play nice music to it, and send it lots of good energy and love. Here in Asia, they say that the mother mustn't get stressed or have bad "energy" during pregnancy. (hard when you are hormonal and crazy during 1st 12 weeks) anyway good luck to all of you. X


Erin - April 13

Hi! This is also my 1st and I'm 51/2 wks. and so nervous about everything!! I'm like Michele, no morning sickness but a little cramping. Every cramp freaks me out, but then if I don't have cramps I freak out too! I saw the doctor last week to confirm the pregnancy, but I won't see him again until May 4 and I feel like I can't take waiting that long to make sure everything's OK. I know' I'll feel better once I make it to the 2nd trimester, but I don't know how I'm going to deal with all this until then. I wish I could just enjoy it! I'll be praying for all of us!!



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