Nervous Of Sex In Pregnancy

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Alison - May 6

Thought I'd start a new post for this question rather than adding onto my other post, the thing is has anyone else who is pregnant after having had a miscarriage found they are wary of having s_x? I don't want my DH to feel neglected but I just don't feel completely happy about it because of past experiences. I am 5 weeks by the way. He doesn't think there's a risk and deep down I'm not sure there is but I feel I want to "play safe" for now. Does that sound silly? He is very understanding though & I find other ways to "please" him but I feel a bit guilty too. (also I'm so tired at the end of the day just now I have no energy anyway! lol!) Anyone else relate to my expreience? Thanks xxx


Alison - May 9

Anyone? Or am I really just crazy?! Thanks xxx


Claire - May 9

Alsion - women who have miscarried are sometimes advised to avoid s_x for the first 12 weeks, exp. in weeks 8 and 12 (when your period would be due) so you're not being irrational. In some women s_x can trigger a miscarriage. If you do have s_x and get any bleeding after it you shouldn't have s_x for first 12 weeks. Your husband will survive - just look after yourself.


Lenore - May 9

Alison, I am feeling exactly the same way. I had a mc in Feb and am now 6 weeks pregnant and very nervous! I will be avoiding s_x for the first trimester just for my own peace of mind. i do feel badly that my husband has to wait but he does understand. good luck!


Alison - May 9

Thanks for your responses I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! I'm fortunate that DH is understanding I've just been feeling a bit guilty about it though! From what Ive read it should be safe and I've even been told that by a doctor as they said my losses were chromosonal so s_x would not be anything to do with it but it just feels safer to hold back for the time being at least until we get past that 12 week mark but even then I might feel nervous about it! I'm trusting I'll know the right thing to do when that time comes. Thanks again girls xxx


Michele - May 9

Alison, I feel exactly the same. I miscarried in Feb. 2 days after having s_x. I am now 6 weeks pg again and no way am I risking it in the first trimester. I know what you mean though about worrying about my DH, but I figure that 3 months is not much to wait for, considering what might be at risk. Personally, I feel like I want to wait until after I give birth this time, before we have s_x, LOL, DH probably not THAT understanding. Take care, M



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